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Lumezzane / Italy

AMA Luxury Shower has channelled solid expertise acquired over 20 years' experience into engineering bathroom fittings and bespoke showers for private homes, hotels, spas, boats and beach facilities. After creating the initial outdoor lines featuring sharp styles and high technical quality, AMA also started successfully producing indoor showers and accessories. This development was extended to the wellbeing industry and fully tailor-made products, which has been possible as a result of the company's commitment to continuous innovation and a special production formula that enables AMA to control the entire chain. AMA Luxury Shower has the experience, specialist expertise and ideal infrastructure to adapt standard products and create bespoke products from designs in small and large batches. By using quality materials, devising innovative practical and attractive solutions, and working with reliable partners, AMA Luxury Shower can develop bespoke solutions with functionality and aesthetic appeal guaranteed right down to the tiniest detail. ... More ... less

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