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Andreu World is a Spanish brand that originates from near Valencia and produces seating for meeting points like coffee bars, hotels, restaurants, company and public spaces and outdoor areas. At the basis of the company philosophy there is a wish to shape sustainable and “healthy” spaces for work and meeting. As a matter of fact the products are made of 100% sustainable wood and FCS® certified, as a guarantee for the entire supply chain, from the tree till the final product, through a work made of passion, design, innovation and love for details with selected, top notch materials. A quest for excellence, eye to details, a production bound to the Mediterranean sun, a never ending technological evolution and the handmade reflect the values of a brand aiming at both satisfying its customers while keeping faithful to a very strong ethics, that of the respect for the human being and the nature.

Andreu World: from wooden seating to upholstery

Wood is the backbone of the whole house production. It is enough to give a glance to the Smart BQ0637 footstool made of durmast and beechwood, the outcome of the Andreu World’s manufacturers mastery; or to the Lake SI0654 chair, a free contemporary reinterpretation of the classic Mediterranean-style chair made of beechwood and available in a rope or cushioned seat version. Next to the top wood production line, Andreu World has added new materials over time, like metal and fabric, for its sofas and armchairs. An example of this is Element SF 0727 a very spacious and comfortable three seats couch, upholstered and decorated with a play of upholstery that confers an elegant, sophisticate look. The legs are made of four steel tubes with shiny finishes in black or white. As for the office environment, the company has thought of the ergonomic chair Flex Executive BI 1893. One piece of the Flex seating family, this armchair of the Executive line, turning with four spokes and armrests and available in several colors, has a hickory finish on the backrest and is endowed with a very comfortable tilting mechanism, for a greater comfort during the long office hours.

Andreu World and the love for wood

The history of Andreu World started in the Spain of 1955, when Franciscu Andreu Marti, at that time seventeen, had the foresight to turn a small family business that sols the wooden items made by his parents into a fully-fledged manufacturing company specialized in the working of curved wood used to assemble and finish chairs. As the supply of the products to furniture shops increased, the company experienced a conspicuous growth and moved to Alaquas, still not far from Valencia. This growth also concerned the attention to design with the lunching of new products such as Model 72, a Nordic-inspired chair with plain lines that marked a decisive turning point in the evolution and history of the brand. In the same period, Andreu World started taking part in important fairs in the furnishing domain, first in Spain and then across all Europe, from Cologne to Milan. The production site was relocated to Navarra, where a real beech forest was planted to support the production. The brand Andreu World as we know it today was born in 1980 with the lunching of the company logo and of a solid brand identity. Thanks to the support of world famous designers such as Josep Llusca and Alberto Lievore, the company switched fully to design and its catalog was enriched with pieces that won prestigious awards in competitions like the National Design Award or the Red Dot Design Award. The year 2009 marked the official debut of the outdoor collections, stemming from the fifty years-long experience of the brand and from the ability to combine the robustness of the materials for the outdoor with the beauty and comfort of the materials for indoor use.

Sustainability and energy efficiency

In Andreu World’s vision a real evolution is only possible if we have clear in mind our responsibilities towards the environment. With this rationale the company has been doing efforts to bring down its environmental impact since its early years, starting from the handling and usage of FSC® certified wood (Forest Stewardship Council) to continue with energy efficiency, wastes recycling and the specialized research on new sustainable materials. The wood that is planted in certified owned forests, is granted and monitored along its entire life cycle, from the sprout to the chair it will turn into. The use of energy is controlled throughout all the production process operations, included finishes, varnishing, packaging and logistics. As a matter of fact, before the production of whatever new line is started, the company runs an accurate analysis of the production cycle, evaluating the environmental impact of each model of chair that will be put into production. The outcome of all these efforts is the gratification already mentioned in the introduction, namely reducing the environmental impact to a minimum, to the advantage of people’s health and of the nature care. ... More ... less

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