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Founded in 1956, Antolini® is a historic Italian company, known as a major player in the natural stone manufacturing industry. Headquartered in Verona, the company is spread internationally, present in 182 countries, with main production centers in Italy and Brazil, as well as showrooms distributed worldwide. Founded by Luigi Antolini, it is now led by his children Alberto, Alessandra and Francesco. Antolini® offers a wide selection of materials characterized by unique patterns, colors and finishes: the finest natural stones are enhanced by the craftsmanship and technical skills of experienced staff, who select the best quarries and process the stone to create unique works. Each Antolini® signature stone celebrates nature through its colors, opening up to contaminations with worlds that are not only those of interior design and furniture, but also those of art and fashion.

Antolini® Exclusive Collection, the finest natural stones

Antolini® Exclusive Collection is the result of research and selection work, combining extraordinary materials from the world's best quarrying sites. Antolini® holds the extraction rights to the best quarries and is therefore able to offer a selection of exclusive and refined materials. More than 85 stones are part of this collection and are characterized by great aesthetic strength combined with high technological performance. One example is Amazonite®, characterized by natural shades ranging from turquoise to emerald green, with hints of more neutral and warm tones, belonging geologically to the quartzite family, a metamorphic rock composed mainly of quartz. Irish Green®, on the other hand, is a marble, a geologically ancient stone that was used to decorate stately Renaissance palaces. With its hues, ranging from light to dark green, and thanks to its distinctive veining, Irish Green® is also a perfect wall covering in contemporary settings with exclusive design.

Stone and technology: Antolini®'s innovations

Through the use of technological innovations, Antolini® has developed some revolutionary processes that enable stones to achieve remarkable technical performance, adding value to the already well-known aesthetic characteristics. Azerocare® is a specific treatment for lux® finish surfaces in marble, onyx and soft quartzite, which offers protection from stains and corrosion caused by contact with acid-based foods, without altering the color and specific properties of the natural stone. Azerocare® provides maximum water and oil repellent protection against stains and corrosion caused by oils and greasy substances. Azerocare®Plus, on the other hand, is developed for surfaces in Lether and Matt finishes. Tested 24 hours, it offers protection against stains and corrosion caused by contact with acid-based organic substances such as lemon and wine. Another exclusive treatment is one that protects stones from the attack of germs and bacteria, for environments that are always clean and hygienic: Azerobact®plus inhibits the proliferation of disease-causing microorganisms and is perfect for both residential settings, in kitchens or bathrooms, and busy environments such as offices or hotels.

The Antolini® MilanoDuomo showroom

Born from the Antolini family's desire to pass on a narrative that from the raw material reaches the project, the Antolini® MilanoDuomo showroom is Antolini's first Stoneroom® flagship, a place where marbles, crystals, quartzites become actors in a multisensory experience, among lights, shadows and reflections. Inside this space it is possible to admire natural stones belonging to the Antolini® Exclusive Collection, Natural Stone Collection, Textures+, Natura Collection, Precioustone, Gemstone and Shellstone. Located in a strategic point in Milan, it offers architects and interior designers, as well as manufacturers of furniture and kitchens, an example of how stone can be declined in wall coverings, surfaces and floors, islands, furniture and furnishings. Born from the collaboration between Antolini® and designer Alessandro La Spada, the showroom winds its way through different environments, from residential to office to hospitality and retail. ... More ... less

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