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Antonio Lupi Design® is headquartered in Cerreto Guidi, Tuscany. The company was founded in 1950 by Antonio Lupi and is internationally renowned as a producer of design bath furniture. Initially dedicated to manufacturing crystal glass for furnishing, the company soon moved on to the fabrication of appliques, mirrors and chandeliers. The continuing success of its crystal glass accessories led to constant growth of the company. With the construction of a new manufacturing facility the 1970s saw the transition from a purely artisanal to an industrial production.
Since the 1980s Antonio Lupi Design® is collaborating with Mauro Carlesi, Carlo Colombo, Domenico De Palo, Mario Ferrarini and many other prominent designers. These liaisons generated a new way of experiencing bathrooms.
The concept of Antonio Lupi was to look at the bathroom in its entirety. As a consequence of this holistic approach the company does not only produce sanitaryware, washbasins, showers and bathtubs, but also mirrors and lamps, wall decorations and much more.
Antonio Lupi Design® is active in more than 60 countries wordwide. Not least because of the almost infinite customizability of its products the company and its efficient network of retailers can respond to many customer requirements. An expansion policy that looks forward to major international projects. The contract sector is an important opportunity for the company, both for the extent of the range and proposals, as for the ability to communicate with the designers from the early stages of the project. Within larger projects antoniolupi can ensure service in addition to quality, customization and promising lead times.

Antonio Lupi, the history of an italian brand

A story of courage and passion, insight and consistency, individuality and participation, a winding path made of important stages. A path illuminated by the right ideas, often successful and always innovative. Vision has never lacked in the history of what is now antoniolupi but that many years ago came as a workshop from the intuition of Antonio Lupi. He was born in Vinci in 1932 and at 18 years of age begun a production of glass for furnishings. Soon glass gave way to mirrors and during the lucrative years of economic growth the first bathroom furniture products marketed under the name Cristal Lupi Luxor came about.
A new factory in 1969 to sanction continuous growth and the final transition from artisan to industrial. An increasing bonding and grounding with the territory, a success that lasts several years thanks to an expanding array of products. We are at the dawn of the idea of a total look that will be completed only in the year two thousand but, the impression was strong, the goal was clear and the future path traced. The turning point comes from an intuition of Andrea, and the small collection of bathroom furniture system that the company presents for the first time at Cersaie in 1983. It is a great success and in 1986 the Antonio Lupi Bath Collection sees father Antonio as Commercial Director, Patrizia firmly heading administration, Nello and Andrea to do everything else, Sergio is still too young to help them...
In 1991 Antonio Lupi returns to Stabbia. The company grew rapidly and expanded its range to include the first collection of ceramic washbasins from basic geometric shapes. It is the advent of minimalism which will culminate in 2002 with the first collection in Corian® and with the development of the idea of a complete and tailored bathroom. It is the emblem of antoniolupi approach to research; a non-ending quest to itself yet functional, a constant questioning of the potential of materials and their real ability to better express the idea behind the project.
From the collaboration with Nevio Tellatin Slot was born, an innovative sink for the material used but also for the contemporary design expressed thanks to the total disappearance of functional elements such as the drain and overflow; eliminated for a horizontal cut placed in the rear part of the basin.
In 2007 the company logo was revised. An important decision since it was decided to use the graphics of the original brand, yet enhancing the affirmation of what is now a guarantee of quality, beauty and passion for the bathroom. Today antoniolupi offers its customers everything to create a total elegant and refined look.

Tailor made production

Antoniolupi gives life to personalized environments rich in charm and elegance with which to create unique experiences, arouse emotions and tell stories. A tailored approach to the project and bathroom world, a "tailored suit", designed and sewn to the needs of the client, made with products able to communicate amongst themselves and integrate with the architectural space. The quality and attention to detail are the common threads of all phases of the production process of antoniolupi. From raw material to finished product, the cycle is a sequence of machine or manual manufacturing from high technological content or great human touch. antoniolupi produces only upon order and without stock. Each piece that leaves the factory responds to a specific request and is produced to satisfy a specific client. The great customization options linked to materials, finishes and colors, make it possible to develop fully personalized ideas of the bathroom for the customer, both dimensionally and formally. Today, the Garden of Ideas perfectly represents the spirit of antoniolupi. A company that wants to be a place where people can work creatively, team up, and live in harmony with nature to confront and improve themselves in order to continue offering concepts, products and communication, always a step ahead of the times. ... More ... less

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