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Cerreto Guidi / Italy

The history of Antoniolupi begins in the 1950s, when the craftsman specializing in the processing of crystal and glass for furniture Antonio Lupi created a small artisan company. Within a few years, Lupi expanded its production with mirrors, light fixtures and chandeliers and then arrived at the bathroom furniture, marketed under the name Cristal Lupi Luxor. The success achieved by the sale of crystal accessories necessitates the expansion of the company, which culminates in the construction of a new plant in 1969. It is with this step that Antonio Lupi, accompanied by his son Andrea, develops the idea of the “total look” for bathroom furniture, presenting for the first time at the Cersaie in 1983 a modest collection of bathroom systems that will achieve a huge success. Since then, the road of Antoniolupi has been on a steady rise: in the 1990s the company grew considerably and presented its first collection of ceramic washbasins. The revolutionary idea came in 2002 with the presentation of the first Corian® collection and a further development of the "total look" for the bathroom. Today the company, run by the heirs of the founder, is a dynamic and innovative reality, able to anticipate the tastes of the market, with a long-term vision that has as its ultimate goal to revolutionize the way of living the bathroom environment. In Il Giardino delle Idee, the vital heart of the company, teams work together to create new collections, offer innovative solutions and develop strategies to relaunch the company's image.

Antoniolupi washbasins, baths and shower trays: design and innovation

The vocation to find innovative solutions led Antoniolupi to enter the streets unknown until a few years ago. Through extensive research and development, the company has developed and patented a new material, the Flumood. An eco-friendly and non-porous material, easily washable, used to make washbasins, bathtubs and shower trays, thanks to its strength and aesthetics of strong impact. Pleasant to the touch, the Flumood is available in two different textures and in the white or colored version. In the catalogue the products made with this innovative material are the Plissé washbasin, design by Paolo Ulian, made in a single freestanding block, the Bloom washbasin, designed by Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri, with an unprecedented design inspired by the petals of a flower and thin edges like a sheet of paper, or the collection of washbasins Stratos. Within the Antoniolupi production, there is also a line of washbasins in Cristalplant, such as the Barrel freestanding washbasin, designed by Carlo Colombo. The catalogue also offers solutions in precious marble, such as the Carrara Eclipse marble freestanding bathtub, or as in the Albume freestanding washbasin collections, designed by Carlo Colombo, with Carrara marble pedestal and Cristalmood basin, a transparent resin in different color variations. The range of shower trays uses another innovative material, the Ceramilux, consisting of mineral elements combined with polyester resin. The Zeromatt shower tray, with a rigorous and minimalist design, is available both as a support and as a recessed one, to be combined with one of the shower stalls in the catalogue, such as Penisola or Combi. Among the ceramic toilets, there are the Cabo collections, with toilet and bidet in support or suspended version, and Komodo.

The designer bathroom furniture and exclusive finishes Antoniolupi

Antoniolupi has revolutionized the bathroom world with his idea of “total look”, proposing products and systems that integrate with each other and that compare with the space in which they live. The meticulous attention to detail and attention to the quality of raw materials extends from sanitary to bathroom furniture, to include finishes, wall decorations and accessories. The result is surprising: refined and elegant rooms, customized and cared for to the millimeter, tailored to the customer’s needs, thanks to a wide range of finishes, colors and shapes. The sophisticated Il Bagno collection, designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, combines innovation and tradition, combining minimalist design with retro inspirations, natural and state-of-the-art materials. It is a real complete system of furnishings that includes sink and bathtub but also furniture, wallpapers, mirrors and accessories. Carlo Colombo has signed several sink furniture from the Antoniolupi catalogue, such as the Lunaria modular sink cabinet, characterized by a gorge that separates the floor from the doors, creating the illusion that the sink floats over the cabinet, or as Panta Rei, a wooden hanging cabinet with veneered or lacquered finishes. Mario Ferrarini instead plays on the aesthetic variations of the colored cubes, with the modular furniture suspended Atelier Colore, which presents the front doors in chromatic combinations to choose between the range of lacquers Antoniolupi. The Antoniolupi “total look” also includes showerheads, such as the much-loved Ghost and Raindrop recessed ceiling heads, mirrors and dressing tables, such as the scenographic Spicchio or the Focus mirror, equipped with a circular magnifier that can be moved to the surface as desired, thanks to the magnet integrated in the structure.

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