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Villorba / Italy

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AP FACTOR is a start-up with a new vision, a company run by two young men with a ten-year background in the industry whose aim is to conceive a new style of seats, for both professional settings and the home. Our goal is to stand out from the rest of the industry, owing to the quality and reliability of our materials, but most of all the creativity we put into all our products and services. Our strategic position at the heart of the manufacturing district allows us to anticipate trends and offer our customers the very best possible solutions. Our values mirror the objectives we, with patience and hard work, try to achieve every day in every aspect of what we do: quality, reliability, timeliness, flexibility and environmental friendliness. We offer a continuously updated and expanding range of products, driven by our interest in new technologies and innovative designs. In addition to our finest and most popular products, we make every effort also to offer a wide range of custom services. Our wish is to make our brand stand out for our prompt responses and outstanding availability, not only regarding the product in itself, but also with regard to the processing of orders, technical support, logistics and delivery, with the aim of accommodating the needs of our customers with the utmost solicitude. ... More ... less

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