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Apavisa porcelanico, is the foremost manufacturer in the production and commercialization of high-technical porcelain.The objective of Apavisa is to offer exclusive products, that combine the skilful form with technique and design. The aim is to offer the market exclusive products of the highest quality, which masterly combine technique and design to achieve the highest surface resistance, versatility and reliability. The plant location of apavisa porcelanico merges the ability of its highly technically qualified staff and the most advanced technology in a plant surface area of over 280,000 sqm. Apavisa has a permanent stock with an extensive range of products composed of: Three groups can be distinguished within these products: With representatives in more that 100 countries, apavisa offers the global market a constantly appropriate and accurate reponse, as well as a product that gives professionals and consumers the confidence that every major project needs. ... More ... less

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