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The® company was born in 2014, from the idea of ​​a couple with a passion for woodworking. The goal of the brand is to become the reference point for those looking for exclusive furnishings, with refined and elegant lines. Today the company, increasingly appreciated and ready to spread its values ​​throughout Italy, boasts a team of experts ready to meet customer requests. All® furniture is made by expert craftsmen.® products
Specifically,® deals with the sale of furniture and lighting for home and office, with solutions aimed at those who want to create, or rethink, their own studio or home. The company is dedicated to the design of a classic style furniture, suitable for professionals, such as lawyers and accountants, who need a well-organized and functional space, but also elegant and comfortable, to appropriately welcome their customers. The company offers a wide range of products ranging from wooden desks made of real walnut veneer, to armchairs covered in real leather adjustable in height and depth. The catalog includes highly functional furniture and furnishings to create meeting rooms, living areas, waiting rooms. Each solution is capable of satisfying the requests of professionals, also thanks to the classic line of bookcases, tables and cabinets.

The® collections® is not aimed exclusively at professionals who want to furnish the office space in a classic style. The catalog is full of modern style furniture proposals, such as the Evolutio collection and the Platinum collection, which are characterized by highly resistant materials, and the clean and essential design designed to optimize spaces. There are also numerous ideas for the home, especially in the Provencal style, such as in the Princess range, designed for those who want a refined, but also resistant, home. While in the Bella collection it is possible to find high class furnishings with ivory finish, the Coppelia collection contains authentic shabby chic style furnishings in pickled wood and with ecru finish. Those who love rustic furniture find in the Woodside collection the best of natural wood furniture typical of mountain homes and vintage environments.® lighting systems
The fundamental values ​​of the company are aesthetics and practicality, which are also well expressed in the offer of lighting systems. Good lighting is essential for office work as having the right light does not excessively strain your eyesight. In addition, the appearance of the lamp, a real design object, must not be underestimated either because it can give the room a different appearance. The catalog includes indeed many pendant lamps, perfect for giving light to any room. Obviously, table lamps are also available in classic or modern style. The types of lighting offered are also suitable for contexts other than the studio, such as restaurants, hotels and bars. ... More ... less



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