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Founded in Sweden in 2018, Avolt develops, designs, and markets objects that extend electricity to devices, deploying Scandinavian design for homes, offices, retail environments, and public spaces. Avolt stands as a leading provider of premium power extenders and charging cables for the high-end interior design market, quickly gaining a reputation for producing top-quality products that are both stylish and functional. For too long, electrical necessities have compromised interior design and architecture. Avolt was founded on the belief that commodity electronics can be beautiful, aesthetic and functional objects.

Square 1 story

Square 1 is a power extenders collection, designed on the belief that commodity electronics should be aesthetic, beautiful, and functional without compromising architectural design. The Square 1 design philosophy is minimalistic at its core and derives from the foundational, basic shapes that we know stand the test of time. Inspired by the famous Bruno Munari’s trilogy “Square Circle Triangle” this product is an homage to the simple shapes that the human race has relied on for centuries. A square with all equal sides, perfectly solid, geometric and functional, won the Red Dot Design Award 2019 and the Svenska Design Prizet award.
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