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Axolight, an Italian lighting company based in Italy and the United States, produces and distributes high-end design lamps. From the small table lamp to the monumental suspension lamps, Axolight's light collections lend themselves to furnishing every room with a lively and surprising style, making use of Italian artisan techniques and the most advanced lighting technologies. Axolight lamps are works of art in which light plays with different materials, such as fabric, glass, silk or aluminium, and can not only illuminate, but also enhance an environment - domestic, receptive or working - in a discreet and elegant way. Each creation respects the company's values and standards based on aesthetics, functionality and energy saving ensured by the use of LEDs. The Orchid lamp by the designer Reiner Mutsch, for example, has a timeless style that can be declined in floor lamp, ceiling light point and wall light point; the Cut line by Timo Ripatti, which includes a floor lamp with sinuous lines, is made with a system of diffusers able to avoid glare, even if directly fixed.

Lighting by Axolight

Creativity, technical knowledge, manual skills and passion are the characteristics that distinguish Axolight, with a collection of over 50 models, the result of collaboration with more than 10 design studios of international importance and thanks to the use of over 12 different materials. With a direct commercial presence in 90 countries and more than 40 people who daily put their expertise at the company's service, Axolight's products are able to meet the needs of customers who are looking for furnishing accessories able to customize commercial, residential and contract spaces through the introduction of harmonious lighting sources. Among the Axolight floor lamps we find Kwic, part of a collection to which also the suspension and ceiling models belong. Kwic consists of a hemispherical blown glass diffuser with LED light and a circular disc, whose orientation can be varied. The diffused light is intense, but not annoying and, thanks to its design, Kwic can camouflage itself in spaces or become the absolute protagonist. Among the table lamps, we remember the beautiful Aibu, in triple hand-blown glass, which is composed of a white sphere broken down at the height of the circumference and that emanates a warm diffused light. There are many proposals for pendant lamps: for example, Cloudy represents much more than a lamp: it is in fact a real light sculpture, a contemporary installation. A cloud of suspended light returns all the light of the five spheres, of different sizes, which intersect each other in a high-level artistic game. Thanks to its size, Cloudy is also perfect in public spaces and contract environments.

Axolight lamps: timeless style and design

Axolight was born in Scorzè, in the metropolitan area of Venice, in 1996. From the industrious artisan district of Veneto, this reality is soon known all over the world for its ability to use lights not only to illuminate, but to animate and build spaces, taking the place of the Sun, where it cannot filter. Axolight's vision differs from that of other established manufacturers of lamps and chandeliers, because it is disregarding passing fads and focuses on design and a style that combines timeless beauty with functionality that must make life easier for the client. For this reason, the company prefers to turn to a niche clientele, although present in as many as ninety countries around the world, who appreciate a tailor-made type of lighting. The Bespoke Design project (made-to-measure design) was created to satisfy the imagination and needs of Axolight customers, both for projects of apartments and villas of private individuals, but also for many hotels, restaurants, castles, convents, banks, shops, companies.

As the company grows, the need for new stimuli is created thanks to the collaboration with great designers in the sector, which have led Axolight to win countless awards over the years. Artists such as Karim Rashid, Dima Loginoff, Rainer Mutsch, Timo Ripatti, Ryosuke Fukusada have been able to introduce great winds of novelties and iconic pieces that we still find in the brand's well-stocked catalogue. It is precisely because of the great creative effort of Axolight and the many designers who have accompanied this reality for years, that the prizes won at furniture competitions and design events are now dozens. IDA, Good DesignAward, Best of Year Award, HOW International design Awards, NYCxDesign Award and many other awards underline the determination and ability of a relatively young company, but already able to leave an indelible mark in a niche sector of Italian craftsmanship.

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