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The B&B Italia group has written the history of design, promoting the Made in Italy across the world with its contemporary furnishing for the domestic and contract environments. Sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs and complements. B&B Italia products have a unique and unmistakable style, the result of the gift this brand has to anticipate trends and to reply to the changing tastes with quality solutions. Since its founding, B&B Italia has developed a fully industrial vocation with its timeless collections which have foreseen fashions by adjusting in accordance with the transformations and replying to the varying needs of its customers and to the fluctuating housing concept. Taste, quality, technology and creativity are all factors which have given life to fine products of a high quality, modern and with a strong character.

A furnishing of design for the house and contract environment

As a matter of fact the B&B Italia group is present on the global market with two divisions; the House division – encompassing the B&B Italia, the B&B Italia Outdoor, the B&B Italia Project and the Maxalto brands – and the Contract division delivering “turnkey” furniture and solutions for the nautical sector, offices, shops, hotels and public buildings thanks to its sound experience and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Among the latest projects, it is worth to mention the Bulgari Hotels in Milan and London, the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Barcelona. With its central headquarter designed in 1972 in Milan by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, B&B Italia is also present in 54 countries of the world with its distribution network made of 800 official stores and flagship stores and an efficient customer service.
One of the key elements of B&B Italia company policy is research. Its Research & Development Center is a real hive of ideas in which it is possible to share projects and experiences, thanks to the incessant exchange of thoughts and to the collaboration with the most outstanding designers on the international panorama. Antonio Citterio, Patricia Urquiola, Mario Bellini, Gaetano Pesce, Naoto Fukasawa are just some among the names that work hand in hand with the company. The R&D Center ignites the designers’ creativity putting at their disposal all the competences and know-how the company has acquired over the years. The attention to the industrial production processes is also reflected in the concept of environmental sustainability applied to the company collections. Their exceptional endurance allows for conspicuous savings in terms of materials used, energy and CO2 emissions. The wastes recycling and disposal processes are therefore brought to a minimal. Furthermore, the company R&D Center is constantly concentrated on the research of innovative materials and of production processes able to ensure an industrial approach respectful of the environmental equilibrium.

Sofas, Armchairs and furnishing for the living space signed B&B Italia

Products that keep their value in time. This has been the payoff of the company for over 40 years in a way that resonates the company values. The mixture of creativity, innovation and industrial production generates products which are impeccable from any point of view. Beautiful, functional, long-lasting. Each project is exclusive, the outcome of a never ending work of research which determines the quality and high aesthetic value of the final product. B&B Italia is not only research, but also development. This is witnessed by the endless process of study for what relates to technology, innovation and materials. Technology represents for the company a perpetual means for achieving growth. Experimentation of new materials; greater quality; high comfort; constant updating of the processes and the production plants; these are but some of the key factors cherished by this company. B&B Italia was the first company that used cold polyurethane technology foamed in molds to shape sofas and armchairs or dacron for upholstery.
The Bend Sofa was born from the study of 3D models and from digital researches, though it looks like it was carved by the hands of a sculptor. It has the appearance of a monolith on which the hand of the designer has intervened in order to subtract, soften, mold. Its nonlinear silhouette is functional to its comfort; the contrast seams that run along its entire shape make the drawing and movement stick out. It summarizes the manual skills and technology, solidity and robustness, combined with a remarkable use flexibility deriving from the wide array of compositions.

B&B Italia and its design icons

B&B Italia was born in 1966 thanks to the entrepreneurial wit of its founding father, Piero Ambrogio Busnelli. Soon the company established itself on the international scenario of the upholstery sector, thanks to the introduction of significant technology innovations and to the company industrial approach. With the injection molding technique the first design icons came to life, such as Gaetano Pesce’s UP colelction and Tobia and Afra Scarpa’s Coronado.
The ‘70s marked an audacious turning point for the company with the Le Bambole collection, by Mario Ferrarini and his provocative advertising campaign. In the ‘80s the company continued its ascent and won the Compasso d’Oro prize for the Sisamo wardrobe. In 1989 B&B Italia was awarded the Compasso d’Oro, the first one acknowledged to a company “for the constant integration work carried out to conjugate the values of scientific and technical research with those necessary to the functionality and expression of the products”.
The ‘90s saw the launching of projects of immense success like the Harry and Charles collections, both carrying the signature of Antonio Citterio, a success that went on till the 2000. It was in these years that the company started and strengthened the collaborations with Patricia Urquiola, author of some of the most stunning collections of B&B Italia – Tufty-Time and Husk, to mention two of them – and Naoto Fukasawa with his Papilio chair collection. A success constantly on the rise, that of B&B Italia, that has always set itself off for the excellence of its products from the aesthetic, functional and qualitative points of view. This is why the company is part of the Altagamma foundation, reuniting Italian companies which are ambassadors of the Italian style in the world. ... More ... less

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