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BABEL D is an Italian company specialized in the production of outdoor furniture, born in 2022 thanks to the long experience in the metalworking sector with the aim of creating new languages in the world of furniture where aesthetics, comfort, durability and eco-friendliness are the basis of every creation.
Steel, aluminum alloys and stainless steel, are the materials that characterize all BABEL D products, because they guarantee a long life at the end of which they can be easily recycled; moreover, the protective treatments further guarantee the aesthetic integrity of the products over time. The protection against weathering, both steel and aluminum alloys, complies with Qualicoat ISO 2810 standards for products to be used in the architectural context.
Babel D collaborates intensively with designers with different cultures and experiences, with whom they study every aesthetic, functional and production detail. All phases of engineering, experimental testing and production of metal parts are carried out in the company’s plants in Arcore. The processes of finishing, galvanizing and painting, made with non-polluting techniques, are entrusted to specialized and certified suppliers, as well as fabric testing. Finally, quality assurance operations are carried out according to strict protocols at BABEL D laboratories or, often, at suppliers according to agreed standards. Resistance tests are carried out and certified by independent bodies. ... More ... less

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