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Barba Design is a young company emerged from a strong passion and experience, matured over time with dedication and commitment, created to innovate furniture production without losing the lessons of the past. The new company founded its bases on the family wood-joinery, born in late 80s: Mattia Barba, leader and promoter of Barba Design, have worked in the family business, developing processes and maturing a pure love for wood and crafting art over the years. In this atmosphere, steeped in experience and passion, affection to the family tradition and desire to expand the business beyond local borders, Mattia’s elaborated his challenge day by day, with tenacity and perseverance: launch an exclusive new product and conquer the market with a recognizable and sophisticated design.


Mattia’s challenge is immediately taken up with synergic empathy by the architect Manuela Pelizzon, a very gifted and vastly experienced designer, Salento and decorating motifs lover: after some kind of a chance encounter, the two start a virtual collaboration that soon becomes an exciting shared project, turning a fortuitous crossing of paths into an international design start-up. The crucial inspiration for Barba Design was born from Manuela’s passion for cement tiles: the colours and the decorations composing exotic and fascinating tiles, are redesigned in a new key and reproduced on furniture, creating TILES collection that blends new strengths and great inspirations, beauty and antique. The knowledge and the experience of a lifetime combined with a fresh passion and a modern touch create an innovative design product giving off beauty and elegance, unique furniture made of simple shapes but strong character.


“A sight back to the past with a vision forward to the future” Bearing this mantra in mind at every step of the project, TILES collection consists of storage units for the living area and closets, wardrobe and chest of drawers for the sleeping area, whose main feature is the use of modern and innovative manufacturing techniques, such as computerized engraving and printing digital, through which the decorations are reported on the surfaces in a brilliant and original aesthetic connotation. And if the decoration, in the various facets and types selected, is the primary prerequisite of the product, a further element of innovation and of essential value added is the 45° slope engraving technic on the entire product that enables a smooth reproduction of the TILES motif, creating an harmonious and elegant continuity of lines and shapes. A fixed size or a decreasing zooming of the decoration on shutters, sides or structure of the products enhances not only the aesthetics but also the volume, whenever combined with an ad-hoc finishing touch and suitable colours, designed in order to satisfy any request: matt lacquer with one-colour or bicolour engraving for a simple line, clean and elegant, digital print for an exclusive and surprising sophistication. From the union of these elements an original product is designed and developed, an unique and recognizable piece of décor that generates grace in lines, forms, style and functionality. ​ ... More ... less

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