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beWall is an Italian company specialized in the production of wallpaper that was born in 2021 from the experience of the interior decorators and architects personalities and that know how to dress with the atmosphere. A new Young and dynamic brand, completely Made in Italy, that sees the wall as an experimentation place freedom and interpretation. The assiduous research, in both materials and creative process, talks about aesthetic elegance matched with a technological innovation that brings beauty in daily life without forgetting sustainability. A wallpaper that is practical to live, that dresses the space with politeness and personality, giving the surfaces a special soul and making them a mirror of who lives the house, through a style detail or an entire wall. Starting from the choice of a collection, passing through the modularity of the components, and arriving to the final installation, beWall will be a discrete and realiable companion ready to satisfy any type of need. Natural landscapes, geometrical fantasies, shadows and lights, far places or cards that escort the growth of the youngest ones; every environment will have the right scenario thanks to beWall collaboration with young creatives who have interpreted their own world and have returned it on the wallpaper through decorations and fantasy declined in numerous nuances. beWall wallpapers are the ideal coating for every room, as an accentuating element on a style detail or on the entire wall. Starting from the room of the youngest ones to the bathroom area, beWall can be the characterizing element of the space.

Over 40 wallpapers to choose from, for private or large-scale environments, all printable on multiple substrates such as vinyl / TNT, characterized by a refined and materical texture, on fiberglass that allows it to be installed in humid environments or exteriors, on ecological papers, such as ecopaper or ecomais, which in addition to a finish of great value, marry an important theme such as respect for the environment or on support with sound-absorbing and sound-insulating properties that improves the acoustic comfort of the rooms. The wall becomes performing, expressing itself differently depending on the light that hits it and lets the touch be pleasantly surprised by brushing its surface. A world without limits, that of beWall, free to be interpreted in a different and personal way, free to adapt to time thanks to continuous technological innovation, free to be universally recognizable in its aesthetics. BeWall wallpapers are the ideal covering for any room, as an accent element on a style detail or on the entire wall. From the children's room to the bathroom, beWall can be the characterizing element of the space. ... More ... less

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