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Rosà / Italy

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A brand recognised throughout the world as an expression of the Italian design tradition, revisited over time with a cosmopolitan look and with a predilection for contemporary total living. With three generations and over 45 years of entrepreneurial history, Bizzotto conveys Italian taste at its most profound. It is globally recognized and characterized by its incessant search for the highest quality materials, design and workmanship, which even today is carried out by master craftsmen trained in the ancient furniture tradition.

Each Bizzotto creation stems from the inspiration of designers and the skill of expert craftsmen. It recalls a stratified memory, the unique richness of the Veneto region, which draws on Venice’s thousands of years of history, from the experiences of the Palladian style and from the broadest Italian culture.

The value of this craftsmanship translates into flexibility and the ability to interpret the needs of the international customer in various different ways: Bizzotto presents its collections by launching them as unique projects, solutions that are always custom-made.

The Italian manufacturing offered by Bizzotto is synonymous with taste appreciated in Italy and throughout the world. Its intrinsic ambition is to always reach the highest standards, constantly striving for perfection, guaranteed by a very strict quality control. ... More ... less

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