Blå Station

Åhus / Sweden

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Blå Station is a producer of furniture for apartments and public spaces alike. The company was founded in 1986, in the Swedish seaside town Åhus, where it moved to the shop floor of an abandoned leather factory. The first part company's name, BLÅ, consists of the initials of its founder, Börge Lindau, and the A for Åhus, the name of the town in which it was founded. The sencond part of the name, Station, refers to the early days of the company, when only a few prototypes shared the same space with objects of regularly organized art exhibitions and jazz concerts which, indeed, gave the facilities the aspect of a vibrant station.

What really animates Blå Station is the incessant search for the unforeseen, a passion for discovering new grounds. The company's philosophy articulates not only the will to find new and interesting alternatives to the established schemes. Most of all it is about finding new aspects and angles to seemingly familiar forms, functions and materials, and to innovate the process of industrial production.

All products of Blå Station are 100% made in Sweden, and the company guaranties that every working step complies to the criteria of a sustainable development it promotes. ... More ... less




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