Milan / Italy

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Bloss was born a decade ago, inspired by shapes and rigor of historic Italian gardens. A modular system of stainless steel planters, to recreate elegant and detailed, contemporary or traditional outdoor architectures that can be installed anywhere. Without the need for skilled labor or masonry work and extremely simple maintenance. The assembly logic is based on dimensional accuracy: each element of the system is available in 3 heights and 3 widths.
From its initial 50 to 300 elements today, the Bloss world expands around your wishes. The system always proposes new solutions, in addition to planters. From equipped open-air kitchens to movable coffee tables with retractable wheels. From lights and seats, to sinks, benches and AC unit covers.
Creativity that reaches into your home. In addition to vases, Bloss also offers furniture and accessories for living and interior spaces, giving the possibility to create sophisticated harmonies between outdoors and indoors.
10 years of history and a system open to solutions for individual spaces and collective and commercial facilities, with the technological and design skills that can offer tailor-made products.
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