Borg is an Estonian company specializing in the production of office furniture. Design, furniture and production has distingueshed them since 2005. Borg produces unique design furniture for all kind of rooms and offices. With close collaboration with architects, Borg furniture becomes part of well-known hotels and offices. Their products give character to the rooms, they tell the story and, most importantly, thanks to the high-quality materials they tend to last very long.Be it at home, office or hotel, furniture is at the center of it all.

Borg's corporate philosophy

Growing up in the family of furniture makers, the founder of the company, Mart J├Áhvikas, lives and breathes furniture design and craftsmanship. Borg's corporate philosophy focuses on aesthetics and attention to detail as key to make each product something unique and timeless. Borg furniture is made in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, the country famous for its high-tech skills. By combining modern technology and artful thinking, they make functional furniture that is also pleasing to the eye reaching very high standards. Be it noise-reduction design and materials or high-quality comfort, Borg furniture is always well thought-out.

Work in silence in Borg design

One of our latest product lines is eCell noise reducing phonebooths and meeting pods for open offices. Open office is good because all information moves fast, there are more space and lights, you can simply move working spaces in case you need it. Neverthless, in open office, there is buzzing all around and it interferes with concentration. Our designer Mart Saar has created a great solution for this modern environment: eCell is able to make you feel like you are the only one in the office. Its goal is to isolate and reduce the noise sources so that the individual does not disturb the co-workers and vice versa. eCell garantees enough privacy to focus and feel comfortable while keeping a visual contact with the surroundings. ... More ... less

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