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The company Bosse Design, which is located in Höxter/Stahle was founded by Günter Bosse in 1962. In the 60/70s Bosse produced high quality wall unit systems, which are still used by our customers after more than 50 years. In the 90s Bosse made a name for oneself as pioneer in room in room solutions of open space offices. The product “human space” has been successfully sold for more than 20 years and was considered to be the leading product in this market segment. Since 1992 Bosse is part of the global Dauphin group.

Since 2002 Bosse is producing the “modul space” system in Höxter. After the market introduction it was possible for Bosse to steadily increase its sells. As an answer to a trendsetting and modern work in an open space office Bosse introduced the “human space Cube”, that develops positively since 2012 with the different business Units: Modul space and Human space.
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