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Braun has maintained a solid reputation for designing loudspeakers that combine design and technology since 1921. The company produces electronics that focus on people to simplify and improve their lives. This concept of making quality products available to many has inspired designers around the world for nearly a century. After a three-decade hiatus in acoustic speaker production, Braun decided to bring back the 1959 LE01, which used the best audio technologies for electrostatic speaker design at the time.

Braun and acoustic speaker design

At the height of the 1970s, Dieter Rams, creator of Braun products, wondered if his designs were really good. He found his answer in the simple principles that still apply today, and that gave life to Braun speakers. With over sixty years of history, the Braun LE Series is still innovative, primarily due to the cutting-edge audio technology that keeps pace with the times. The Braun philosophy is based on the idea that a product must be useful, serviceable, and meet criteria that are not only functional but also psychological and aesthetic. Braun believes that an object's design is an integral part of its use since it affects people's well being every day.
The LE series is restrained and neutral, never obsolete; it is built to last without losing its essence. The Braun LE range offers crisp, clear, precise sound diffusion and bandwidth in keeping with the timeless design of LE speakers. With the re-introduction of the LE series, the company firmly committed to returning to its roots in simplicity by designing products reduced to their essentials.

The performance of Braun Hi-Fi speakers

The LE series consists of three top-of-the-line Hi-Fi speakers celebrating the timeless, essential design of their origins, built to last. These speakers create a unique sound environment and are aesthetically bold without being intrusive. They display the rigor and care of German craftsmanship, embodying a perfect balance between powerful performance and minimalist form. Their high quality, elegant, and durable, machined aluminum bodies are an impeccable combination of design and performance.
All LE speakers have multi-room capabilities and can be paired wirelessly in stereo for ease-of-use and maximum performance. When LE01 and LE02 are positioned horizontally, they function as two integrated stereo speakers. When placed vertically on floor stands, they can be configured in stereo and can become a single audio channel. Functionality and user experience are the hallmarks of the LE Braun series. The Braun Audio app can customize playback and fine-tune treble and bass based on the speaker's position, resulting in authentic, high-quality sound.
All LE speakers create expansive, panoramic, non-directional sound that fills a room evenly thanks to the latest generation of Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) translators. The entire LE series offers excellent sound quality at any volume. They are designed to deliver immersive sound and a wide dynamic range, always characterized by precision and sharpness even with low volumes. LE01 is the first Baun Hi-Fi speaker: the flagship model offers expansive and immersive Braun sound and a high dynamic range with consistent sharpness. The mid-sized LE02 speaker is extremely powerful; it delivers a truly immersive sound experience, always guaranteed by Braun quality. The LE03 is a perfect square - a stylish, compact Braun loudspeaker with dynamic range and enveloping sound. ... More ... less

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