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A journey through innovative forms, insight, emotions, technology, history and style to discover design as reflection of beauty.
The history of Gruppo Industriale Busnelli has started in Meda in 1953, in a period of dramatic change for the Italian industry caused the “wish for houses and furnishing in the devastated country, after the World War”.
Giving up quickly the hand-made manufacture, the company has committed in a deep transformation in the way of living and habits of Italians. The production has started a new path through design and project, showing a growing interest in using new materials and new technologies. In 1972 a new factory in Misinto has been opened, representing a radical technological evolution in the furniture and furnishing sector. That period was full of initiatives and tireless scientific research that led to create an appropriate structure within the company: the Study and Research Busnelli Center, a permanent center for ideas and experiments.


Being protagonist of the scene, Busnelli is constantly engaged in the production of upholstered furniture made in Italy, characterized by tailoring and customization. The company interprets the Italian style of living enhancing the space by objects that become key products.
Thanks to the ability to ensure high quality standards all Busnelli products, sofas, beds, tables, cupboards and loose furniture are the expression of a sophisticated design, a careful research and attention to details that result in a unique casual and accessible elegance. Thanks to its long craftsman history, the company has a know-how that only a very few companies have and that allows it to excel in manual processes that need the flavour of bygone days and the technology of the future.
The products are proper haute couture creations, each with its own uniqueness, the result of the mastery with which they are created and previously the attention in the selection of raw materials and coatings. The fabrics are produced in Italy while the top quality natural leathers come from animals bred exclusively in Europe.


Today Busnelli is in a constant evolution, able to consolidate its image each day in the global market. Thanks to the products like Taylor, Burton, Take it easy, PiumottoØ8 and Bohémien, the soul of the company takes shape and becomes recognizable: design, research, technology, comfort and style have been for many years the leitmotif of products designed by international designers, developed by a team of experienced technicians and manufactured by expert hands that pass down from generation to generation the secret skills of their profession.
Busnelli has contributed to the success and the awareness ofItalian design in the world and still continues to believe in real Made in Italy. The company confirms its commitment into manufacturing and industry vocation and continues to be a company with 95% of the production steps carried out internally.


The production combines tradition and technology, craftsmanship and industrialization; the preciousness of the manual cutting of leather and finest fabrics crossed with the precision of the electronic cutting that guarantee a top quality of manufacturing, strictly and authentically MADE IN ITALY.
The Busnelli products have always been signed with the silver B tag. ... More ... less





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