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Fiorano Modenese / Italy

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Part of the Florim group, the Casa dolce casa - Casamood brand produces porcelain stoneware tiles and surfaces that help architects and interior designers express their creativity. Casa dolce casa - Casamood bases its know-how on constant research to create outdoor and indoor flooring materials and wall coverings characterised by superior aesthetics and high technical performance. Since its founding, Casa dolce casa - Casamood has been committed to environmental sustainability and ethical engagement. The new factories in Fiorano and Mordano have received many awards for their 4.0 technology showing how workplaces can not only be aesthetically "beautiful" but above pleasant to work in. Two sculptures by renowned artists - "Il Cavallo" by Mimmo Paladino and "Percorso Amoroso" by Giuseppe Gallo - stand at the company's headquarters to welcome visitors. The brand also supports the extraordinary Peggy Guggenheim Museum collection in Venice. In 2018, the Casa dolce casa - Casamood Artwork collection was a finalist at the HD (Hospitality Design) Awards in New York, proving how ceramic tiles - once considered banal wall and floor coverings - have now rightfully entered the ranks of art and design.

Casa dolce casa - Casamood: from tiles to large slabs

With over fifty years of activity and 1400 collaborators, the Florim group is a high-end Italian company, recognised and appreciated at home and abroad. The group was founded in Sassuolo, an industrial district dedicated to creativity, design, and materials for interior design and building construction. Casa dolce casa and Casamood were acquired in 2005 when the group had already expanded to the US. The two became a single brand in 2017 and began production in a new factory in Mordano near Bologna. The brand's chief innovation was to move beyond the exclusive fabrication of standard 20 x 20 cm tiles to the production of single, versatile 3-metre slabs that can be used for floors and walls as well as doors, tables, or countertops. This innovation completely revolutionised the brand's production processes and offered consumers new possibilities to personalise their home or workspaces.

Porcelain stoneware floors and wall tiles for interiors and exteriors

The company's floors enhance and give personality to any indoor or outdoor context, from private homes to offices, hotels, spas, restaurants, bars and commercial establishments. Wooden Tile OF CDC is an outdoor wood-effect flooring tile/ceramic plank whose pattern is inspired by northern landscapes; its resistance makes it perfect for paving terraces. Urban style is a porcelain stoneware flooring material suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes in three thicknesses, two finishes and as many as 9 sizes, ideal for designing domestic and public spaces; thanks to its wide range of colours, it can match the most particular furnishings. Flagstone is perhaps one of the most exciting projects by Casa dolce casa - Casamood. It was one of the first lines designed by the brand, which today has come back with a new version that renews its winning aesthetics. This porcelain stoneware collection does not chase trends but remains faithful to the past with its chromatic richness and stunning finish. The collection's inspiration comes from sedimentary stones used extensively in Anglo-Saxon interiors; its texture can be customised according to client requests. The versatile Flagstone line is suitable for the living room and pool, creating stylish and sophisticated spaces that show off their uniqueness. Pietre/3 is a porcelain stoneware tile that harkens back to one of the company's very first collections. Elegant and timeless, this material features tiles with precious geometric patterns or classic stone veining in a variety of natural shades. ... More ... less

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