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Casalgrande Padana was founded in 1960 in Casalgrande, in the province of Reggio Emilia, and immediately established itself as a company specializing in the production of porcelain stoneware. This is a real vocation which has led this reality to occupy very soon a prominent position in the international panorama of this sector. Casalgrande Padana produces exterior flooring, interior flooring, wall coverings and decoration, as well as pool coverings and facade cladding. All the production, which increases year by year, is designed to respect natural resources, protect the environment, take on their social responsibilities, always knowing how to meet any client’s needs, in the architectural field. The company has always been involved in the field of architectural projects, supporting important events such as the Grand Prix, an international competition launched in 1990 and which, every year, rewards the works that have best enhanced the material produced by Casalgrande Padana, i. e. its porcelain stoneware solutions, suitable for so many uses that they are able to unleash the creativity of many architects and designers. The ability to produce a ceramic that we can define as evolved, together with the ability to adapt to changes, responding to the constant stimuli of the market, places this company as a reference point in this type of production, all Made in Italy, and dedicated to the union between technology, performance and aesthetics.

Floors and walls for indoor, outdoor, swimming pool and wellness

Ulivo is a wood-effect porcelain stoneware flooring, perfect for warm and welcoming interiors. The grain makes it look like real wood, although its texture makes it particularly hard and resistant. For wellness and swimming pools Casalgrande Padana offers Elementi, an unglazed but vitrified porcelain stoneware. Material designed to withstand any type of stress, physical, mechanical and chemical, is perfect for flooring any environment related to the pool, both indoor and outdoor. Of course, there are large non-slip areas, made by profiling the material itself, to ensure that they do not wear out over time. Pietra Baugè is a beautiful mosaic decoration from the Pietre Native collection, inspired by natural stones, with all their veins, different colors and particular texture. All porcelain stoneware, this mosaic is the result of cutting-edge technology, combining technique and aesthetics, creating a game of colors for classy environments and for those who want a decoration that stands out.

Casalgrande Padana, porcelain stoneware 100% Made in Italy

Not all companies, like Casalgrande Padana, can present some must haves now rooted in DNA, such that it will be recognized everywhere in the world. In fact, first of all we are talking about a strong Italianness, due to the 100% Made in Italy production, which takes place not before many experiments within the company that have led to the creation of new and extremely high-performance materials, such as Bios Ceramics®, bioactive ceramics, an eco-compatible and certified product for indoor and outdoor use, which has functions capable of making it live in any environment, while respecting it. These are antibacterial ceramics, self-cleaning, able to reduce pollutants, suitable also for health environments. All this, without ever forgetting the needs of the designers and the creativity of the designers. On the other hand, the search for excellence is a real cornerstone, which leads the company to monitor every small step of the production process, from the careful sorting of raw materials to storage, through the grinding of the paste, the creation of the tiles, to the decoration. Each step is carried out and monitored by qualified and specialized experts. This is because one of Casalgrande Padana’s objectives is to bring solutions to the customer, not just “simple” products. Its porcelain stoneware consists only of natural raw materials that are processed in a closed cycle with a very low environmental impact, but – above all – the applications of the products are much more than those generally offered by the reference market, both in terms of functions and for the type of buildings that can use these products in a good way. Moreover, the company offers a highly professional consulting service, supporting the architect, the designer and those who realize the building.

The green policy of Casalgrande Padana

Casalgrande Padana dedicates great importance to the consumption and respect for natural resources, the protection of the environment, the care used in technological processes and the assumption of civil responsibilities when working at such a high level. The use of energy is always oriented towards sustainability, but the real big innovation is closed-cycle processing, which allows to treat and reuse everything, from waste from processing to wastewater. In this way, emissions are cleaned up thanks to ad hoc installations, while suppliers are also selected according to their green policy. Methane gas is used for the furnaces, while the rooms are heated by the heat conveyed by the machineries which recover the heat from the same furnaces, generating a virtuous circle. Electricity is entirely self-produced, leading to very high energy savings, rationalization of processes up to what we can call a great attention to the surrounding environment and the people who work at Casalgrande Padana. ... More ... less

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