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Starting with our experience with Tanjaya, cbdesign was established as an Italian specialist designer and maker of outdoor furniture for the turnkey project sector. This dynamic, cosmopolitan company is based in Italy but our creations can be found all over the world.

Quality, design and innovation for exclusive leisure solutions

Cbdesign has always had an eye for innovation while remaining true to tradition. We were one of the first companies in the world to revisit the 1950s-1970s and replace traditional rattan with aluminium and modern synthetic materials.
Our original designs stem from Italian flair while incorporating international creativity. When these are combined with durable materials and an extreme focus on details, we get the defining essence of every cbdesign creation.
Cbdesign furnishes outdoor spaces with exclusive, timeless pieces inspired by nature and everything that surrounds it to ensure comfort and relaxation in perfect harmony with nature.

Quality raw materials for quality products

The first impact on quality come with our choice of raw materials, which are innovative and painstakingly selected. For example, cbdesign uses only grade A teak that is at least 40 years old for a wood that is naturally oiled, honey-coloured and smooth to the touch. Another material we use is epoxy powder-coated aluminium which bestows shine, uniform colour and a remarkable resistance to weather conditions, as well as to chlorine and salt water. Even synthetic materials are carefully selected for their durability.
Lastly, our weaving is one of the distinguishing features of cbdesign collections. Skilfully produced by hand from high-quality cord that creates a flourish of patterns and further enhanced by colour combinations that add unmistakable style to all settings.
This is the style of the cbdesign collections. Complete exclusive solutions that are ideal for all outdoor spaces where style is of the essence.
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