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CEA stands for "Centre for Alternative Energies". The company, founded already in 1984 by Natalino Malasorti and Roberta Bertacco, gained acknowledgment in the world of design in 2007 with a large assortment that includes bathroom taps, kitchen taps, outdoor showers and fans. The company's long experience in the sanitary sector has found its expression in fine items of strict forms and clean and rational lines. Focused on latest technological developments and research, CEA products are technical and constructive, made of innovative materials and reflect aesthetic and functional values. Production methods are always respecting the principles of sustainability and respect for the environment. For these reasons CEA choose stainless steel AISI 316L for the raw material of its production line, a steel which is extremly durable, environmentally friendly, hygienic, non-toxic, easy to clean and, above all entirely recyclable. All CEA products are exclusively made in Italy and manufactured in the company's factory in Pianezze. The whole processing is done by numerical control machines, without the use of varnishes. ... More ... less




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