CEDIT Ceramiche d'Italia

Fiorano Modenese / Italy

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Part of the Florim group, CEDIT has produced Made-in-Italy ceramic tiles for almost 60 years. Renowned national and international designers create all of the company's unique and exclusive collections. During its long history, CEDIT has collaborated with many well-known Italian creatives, who grew the Made-in-Italy image and spread it throughout the world. They include Marco Zanuso, Enzo Mari, Mimmo Rotella, Gino Marotta and many others. Today, with the brand's re-launch, excellent collaborations with contemporary artists have begun anew. CEDIT ceramics and coverings are not just tiles or floors but real works of art that create unique and timeless interiors.

CEDIT: design and experimentation in ceramics

Compared to its competitors, CEDIT has always focused much more on aesthetics, quality and functionality, making it the choice of clients who seek unconventional interiors. Today, Florim, CEDIT’s mother company, vigorously promotes collaborations with high calibre contemporary design figures. The new collections combine artisan knowledge, technology and aesthetics to create products for homes, stores, offices and hotels that communicate elegance and distinction.
Architects Barbara Brondi & Marco Rainò are founders of the Turin-based studio BRH+, committed to an experimental approach deriving from interactions among many disciplines. They designed Matrice, a collection that mixes the figurative and the abstract through the use of cement and ceramics.
The Formafantasma duo, Andrea Trimarchi & Simone Farresin, are Italian but based in Amsterdam. They designed Cromatica, which reveals the tonal weight of contemporary ceramics, proposing natural or polished floor slabs in six different colours. Its name is Zaven, but it is pronounced Enrica Cavarzan & Marco Zavagno. This multifaceted duo works to combine contemporary art and graphics; their design, Rilievi, highlights their love of the three-dimensional.

Reliefs, patterns and material combinations in CEDIT ceramics

Araldica is a porcelain stoneware wall tile designed by Federico Pepe. Starting from large slabs, the designer has created a "canvas" that attracts the eye, thanks to the skilful mix of colours and textures. The coat of arms and the hourglass figures create an almost fractal geometric repetition with hypnotic power. The Archeologie line by Franco Guerzoni transfers the artist's pictorial flair onto large slabs for walls or floors. The result is a real narration in visual signs that transform the archaeology of everyday life into an almost mystical journey. CEDIT artists know very well that ceramics can also be used in other ways, like Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni who designed the Lapis ceramic vases in the late 1960s. CEDIT wanted a series of small ceramic objects, and they created three identical vases in three different sizes for an original, geometric, and timeless collection. The company rereleased it fifty years later as an example of eternal design, updating the colours without modifying its spirit to respond to the needs of a clientele attentive to creativity and design.

CEDIT, ceramic finishes since 1956

CEDIT collaborated with ADI (Association for Industrial Design) to create the "Piastrella d'oro" award. The "Collezione 1968 " dates to 1968. Designed by some of the giants of design like Bob Noorda, Michele Provinciali, Bruno Binosi, Franca Helg & Antonio Piva and many others, this series of ceramic tiles completely overturned traditional viewpoints giving a new image to the culture of living. Artistic experimentation continued in the 1970s with the "16 giochi a parete" exhibition (16 games on the wall), presenting ideas by many designers called upon to think about new perceptions of ceramic surfaces, imagining the wall as a chessboard composed in different ways. ... More ... less

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