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Ceramica Cielo is an Italian company based in Viterbo that designs and markets bathroom fixtures, bathtubs, showers and bathroom furniture and offers innovative solutions with a sophisticate design. Born from the intuition of Alessio Coramusi, the successor of a family of master potters, the company has since its early days aimed to create handcrafted ceramic collections with a recognizable design that enhance the value of the raw material. After the first washbasins collections, Ceramica Cielo production has turned towards creations with an original contemporary design. The collaboration with prominent designers marks the company transition from a craftsman and local dimension to an international one, through a path sprinkling with successes related to both marketing and critique. Thanks to the qualitative leap and the adherence to the values of the Made in Italy, the catalog is rich in multi-awarded products that are nowadays considered true icons. An extra hallmark of the company is the color palette Le Terre del Cielo, accomplished after years long researches. Encompassing unique tones and shades, this color palette can be applied to the whole bathroom furniture, enhancing the value of the ceramic element and contributing to create customizable pieces that are suitable both for home and professional purposes. Le Terre di Cielo color lines has been honored with numerous awards, such as the Muuz International Award 2014 and the German Design Award 2015. Each product of this brand is hand-decorated, carrying all the charm of craftsmanship work. The bathroom quit its merely practical function to become a space of the house with a style and a design of its own.

The bathroom furniture according to Ceramica Cielo

Ceramica Cielo stylistic research leads to the creation of pieces that refresh and reinterpret a classic aesthetics. However, at times, creativity is given free rein. This is the case, for instance, of Catino Tondo and Catino Doppio, freestanding washbasins signed by the Red Dot Award 2017 winners Andrea Pariso and Giuseppe Pezzano. The bearing structure of such pieces, available in brushed bronze and stainless steel, blends in harmoniously with the ceramic and marble tops. The versatility of Ceramica Cielo collection is stated once again in Enjoy 120 by Karim Rashid, a wall-mounted washbasin awarded with the Good Design Award in 2016. A ceramic structure that can be fully tailored to taste, where the minimalist lines are a distinctive trait that yet do not harm its usability and handiness. The freestanding washbasin Tiberino, acknowledged the 2016 German Design Award, is recognizable for its freestanding structure and cylindrical shape meant to minimize space occupancy. The pairing of wood and ceramic finds a great expression in the Cielo collection basins with their minimalist look. Among the company bestsellers, thriving from the union among diverse perceptions, experiences and visions and that are praised both for their aesthetics and functionality, it is worth to notice the Le Giare collection by Claudio Silvestrin, honored with the Good Design Award. The same acknowledgment went to the Amedeo washbasin by Karim Rashid, known for the soft lines and available in the freestanding and the countertop variants.

Ceramica Cielo: from bathroom fixtures to furniture complements

The part of the catalog dedicated to bathroom fixtures presents several solutions for the toilet and the bidet in the wall-hung, floor-mounted and even mono-block options. Paolo D’Arrigo’s Shui line is characterized by a classic and contemporary elegance and also features bathroom fixtures available in the hung or freestanding BIG version, next to washbasins and bathroom cabinets. The Smile bathroom fixture collection offers practical solutions for small-size bathroom thanks to the Smile Mini version, with a width of only 48 cm or the mono-block wc in the 62 cm format. Ceramica Cielo ability to add style to elements that are normally only considered for their functionality is made even more visible with the Ball urinal by 5.5 designstudio. These products have been acknowledged various awards like the Red Dot Design award 2014 and stick out for the peculiar manufacture and the soft shapes. Ceramica Cielo does not uniquely stands for design bathroom furniture; in fact its offer embraces other stylistic applications too. The proposition of accessories and decorations for the home, for instance, includes wall mirrors of different shapes and sizes. Here too, it is impressive how adaptable to diverse styles the solutions proposed can be. The Arcadia collection, that includes the Cibele freestanding bathtub and the freestanding vanity unit Tiberino, expand the offer to an array of practical and functional mirrors with a catchy design. The Argo telescopic mirror by Studio APG, for instance, makes of the geometrical dimension a structural and emotional element at the same time. The Polifemo mirror with its rectangular shape is endowed with magnifying tilt-and-turn side mirrors; on the other hand, the EOS-C mirror by Andrea Pariso and Giuseppe Pezzano features a rounded-edged rectangular shape, enhanced by a wood profile that bears a LED perimetral light. This designers’ duo also signed the Pan wall mirror, modular and with minimalist lines. Lightened with high power-saving LED lights, it can be installed in many different ways, alone or combined with a cabin unit. ... More ... less

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