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Founded in 1964 in Terre del Reno in the province of Ferrara, Ceramica Sant'Agostino is one of Italy's leading ceramic floor and wall tiles manufacturers, with important commercial distribution in Italy and abroad. Its rich catalogue includes porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles for all contexts, from the bathroom to the kitchen, living room, and outdoor and commercial spaces. Based on the strength of the numerous quality and environmental sustainability certifications obtained over the years, the company established the Ecoquality project to coordinate all efforts to secure quality products in compliance with the strictest European and international regulations for protecting the environment, people and consumers.

Ceramica Sant'Agostino, from architecture to decoration

Ceramica Sant'Agostino is at the forefront of using materials and systems that protect people and the environment to pursue new expressive possibilities of porcelain stoneware. In this sense, one of the most significant projects is Flexible Architecture, designed by Philippe Starck in 2014, in which ceramic tile goes beyond a merely decorative function to become an integral part of the architecture, offering an infinite number of design possibilities. At the heart of the project is the enhancement of the joint, which is no longer a functional element to be hidden or eliminated, but the star of design through its manifestation on one, two or four sides. Aesthetic research has given rise to many collections, including Spring collection wall tiles, focusing on 1960s and 70s graphic language with optical geometries and bold colours. Patchwork is a 20x20-cm porcelain stoneware line that reinterprets the tradition of the cement tiles characteristic of the early 20th-century art deco style interiors. A wide range of colours characterises the Vita collection of coloured tiles. This majolica-effect collection pays homage to Mediterranean light, water, sun and colours, succeeding in the ambitious goals of obtaining extremely vivid colours on the polished surfaces of porcelain stoneware.

Wood, marble, and cement effect stoneware by Ceramica Sant'agostino

The great versatility of ceramics can be seen in collections like Colorart, a line of wood-effect porcelain stoneware floor tiles that uses a unique burning and painting system to reproduce the veining and colouring of wood on a surface suitable for both residential and contract uses. Collections like Akoya, Trumarmi and Via Appia propose marble-effect floor and wall tiles, while NewDecò reproduces the aesthetics of the marble grit slab typical of the palaces of the Venetian nobility or the Genoese bourgeoisie. And again, stone, fabric or cement effect ceramics are created with a single goal of reproducing what is unique in nature, respecting its essence. It is precisely with the Form collection of cement-effect porcelain stoneware tiles - with its maximum aesthetic expression in the large 60x180 cm and 60x120 cm formats - that Ceramica Sant'Agostino was selected as a winner in the "Finishes" category in the 2020 Archiproducts Design Awards. The new 2020 Ceramica Sant'Agostino products integrate research into the textures of natural materials with a new element combining different effects in a single ceramic slab, like the FusionArt collection, in which wood and cement come together in a warm, material texture with natural tones and a contemporary feel. FusionArt, with Unionstone and Deconcrete, is one of the first collections developed by Ceramica Sant'Agostino's new R&D Lab, a research and development space established at the end of 2020 to create a physical place for the experimentation of new ideas and the study of the balance of colours, brilliance, texture and material. ... More ... less





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