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Founded in the early 1960s in the province of Lecco, Citterio soon became a leader in the office furniture sector, thanks to the company's dynamism, constant research and development and its ability to take on new challenges. The brand is characterized by reliability and attention to detail, commitment to research, and high technology combined with industrial flexibility and woodworking mastery. The company's products and services stand out for their design, functionality, and excellent eco-compatible and eco-sustainable materials, synonymous with high quality. Citterio solutions adapt to new working conditions, where comfort is tied to practical and aesthetic necessities. For decades, Citterio has been transforming noble materials like wood, glass and aluminum into essential and elegant products suitable for familiar and comfortable workspaces. The brand has taken up the challenge of making the workplace as pleasant as home, to help foster dialogue, the exchange of ideas, creativity, and productivity.

Citterio: office furniture, partitions and acoustic systems

Citterio offers a wide variety of products including opaque and glass partition walls, cabinets, executive and operating systems, and office accessories. Each product is designed to meet customer needs with unique and tailor-made solutions. Forniture Citterio accommodates office furniture like desks, storage units, bookcases, meeting tables, and reception desks. These include the work surfaces and Inlay low open office bookcase in solid wood, representing the perfect blend of the modern workstation with formal rigor and reduction of the superfluous. The ADD extruded aluminum conference table is a design icon, in which color is the star of every surface. Trestle legs in extruded aluminum triangular profiles characterize the Citterio Point collection. Form, geometries, and materials communicate great solidity to make the product perfect for executive offices and workspaces. The collection offers a number of components, including a multiple workstation with partitions, an aluminum desk with integrated shelf, and a round aluminum conference table.
The Shard collection contains tables, workstations, and reception desks with slender triangular legs. This modular system, consisting of structural beams and load-bearing trestles, allows the use of different-sized tops that can generate multiple compositions from the single desk to a series of linear workstations. These solutions include the Shard reception desk and multiple workstations with integrated shelving or dividers.

Office furniture by Citterio: excellence in ideas, materials and finishes

At Citterio, ideas merge every day with the most advanced technologies, materials and finishes to give life to new projects and products. Continuous research is conducted in synergy with prestigious international offices and designers to develop a new generation of unique products. Wood-Wall is an office partition in which wood becomes the primary, distinctive furnishing element rather than just a structural material. It is emblematic of a new way of designing workspaces by enhancing quality materials and their essential properties. W-SS is a program of self-supporting acoustic booths with a wooden structure, well suited to open space offices where it is necessary to create private and comfortable space for individual work and small group meetings.
The C-SS system offers an acoustic office island for meetings and an acoustic telephone booth, whose clear function, given the use of high-tech materials with superior sound absorption characteristics, is to preserve the privacy of users and the comfort of the people who occupy the rest of the space. Phonewalk is a self-supporting acoustic corridor whose design derives from the observation of people pacing while they are on the phone; Phonewalk is a linear booth that permits movement, so that the static closed booth can be replaced with a dynamic space, acoustically and visually isolated from the surrounding context. ... More ... less

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