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ClassiCon is a German company based in Munich, specialising in the production and marketing of designer furniture. The slogan 'Classic Contemporary Design' perfectly sums up a vision rooted in the industrial tradition with the am of offering design classics and contemporary pieces. In addition to historical icons created by Eileen Gray, Otto Blümel, Eckart Muthesius and Herbert H. Schultes, the ClassiCon catalogue offers items from more contemporary designers like Konstantin Grcic, Sebastian Herkner and Jader Almeida, to name but a few. All furniture is produced by artisan workshops in Germany, Italy and Portugal, and each piece is marked with the company's logo to guarantee quality and authenticity.

Classic furniture and accessories from the ClassiCon catalogue

The flagship of the Classics section of the ClassiCon catalogue is the Eileen Gray furniture collection. From 1920s tubular metal chairs, like the Roquebrune Chair, the famous Bibendum armchair or the Adjustable Table E 1027, designed for her home on the French Riviera, to abstract carpets, the pieces by this brilliant and unique designer are still up-to-date and fit into any context. Also noteworthy are the Bauhaus-inspired furnishings designed by German architect Eckart Muthesius in the 1930s, like the Satish Bar Stool and Banu Stool, designed for the Jewel Garden, the palace of the Maharajah of Indore. The Nymphenburg coat stand designed by Otto Blümel in 1908 enriches the brand's selection of furnishing accessories. Thanks to its essential style and functionality, it is a true example of longevity, remarkable for its time. Finally, the table and floor Orbis lamps designed in the 1990s by the recently deceased designer Herbert H. Schultes completes the classics.

ClassiCon contemporary collections. Quality, function, design

ClassiCon reinforces its commitment to design by entrusting the creation of contemporary furniture collections to young talents. Hired in the late 1990s, when he was still an unknown, Konstantin Grcic has created iconic chairs for the brand, like Chaos chair, Mars or Venus with their characteristic sculptural forms. The Aërias Chair by Tilla Goldberg / Ippolito Fleitz Group is a true masterpiece, combining craftsmanship, innovation and function. The classic workmanship of Vienna straw is reinterpreted in a contemporary key with hand-worked leather. Winner of the IF Product Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award, the Euvira rocking chair by Jader Almeida is another masterpiece of style and function, with fluid lines and a light volume despite its generous dimensions. The new entries include the fun cork seats from the Corker collection, reminiscent of champagne bottle corks, designed by Herzog & de Meuron.
In ClassiCon's vision, design imbues every furnishing detail down to accessories and complements. The catalogue includes the now-famous Bell Light Pendant Lamp by Sebastian Herkner, a versatile collection in various shapes, colours and materials and the poetic Lantern lamp, conceived by Neri&Hu and inspired by ancient lanterns, available in table and floor versions. There is no shortage of mirrors; the Cypris collection by Austrian architect Nina Mair is a tribute to the essential and elegant lines of 1950s design. Finally, the London-based Barber Osgerby studio has created the Saturn coat stand with its striking, sculptural shape.

ClassiCon - a history of tradition, design and entrepreneurship

The history of ClassiCon is rooted in the tradition of the Vereinigte Werkstätten für Kunst im Handwerk (1898-1991), an association based in Munich and Bremen formed by small artisan companies that adhered to the Jugendstil manifesto, an artistic movement opposed to mass production. With a view to the dissolution of the association, in 1990, Stephan Fischer von Poturzyn, a former member of the board of directors, founded ClassiCon, intending to produce furniture by Eileen Gray, Otto Blümel, Eckart Muthesius and Herbert H. Schultes for which he owned the rights. In 2000, the Holy family, owners of the Hugo Boss clothing brand, took over the company. Under the leadership of young Oliver Holy, who was appointed managing director in 2003, the brand began its successful trajectory, supplementing the catalogue of classics with contemporary design collections. Today ClassiCon has a presence in over 60 countries with showrooms in Zurich, Seoul, Sydney and Tokyo. ... More ... less

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