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Ferrania / Italy

COMPARATO NELLO S.r.l. has been producing ball and butterfly motorized valve for fluid interception and regulation that are particularly robust and reliable with an excellent quality – price ratio. A new avant-garde factory designed to maximise results in productivity, quality and logistics. We moved from our historic offices in Carcare to our new facility in nearby Ferrania, in the province of Savona. A highly engineered layout to optimise internal flows, with well-defined areas specialised in function of the type of work and with the possibility in the future of extensive production area expansion. A strongly implemented Research and Development department, with Digital Prototyping design and 3D prototype molding with FDM technology directly in plastic. Laboratories equipped with the latest testing and research systems. Implementation of quality with a new acceptance procedure, also using a new numeric control optic measuring tool. The product warehouse has been equipped with an innovative automatic vertical digital warehousing system. The work environments have been equipped with avant-garde systems for safety and quality. New automation systems are used on both the production and product inspection lines. Environments and conditions have been created to foster an exchange of ideas, necessary for the development, the increasing of the internal know-how and the creation of new products anticipating future needs. Moreover, particular attention has been given to external logistics, by choosing a site just 4km from the exit of the highway and very close to the railway network. Despite the difficult global economic situation, we have decided to undertake this important step because we are convinced that only those who succeed in specialising, in improving the cost/quality ratio and in guaranteeing high level support will pass the present test phase and be ready for the challenges of the future economic recovery. ... More ... less

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