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Connubia is Calligaris Group’s young and contemporary brand. It was inspired by the new #connubity concept, an essential part of the brand’s DNA, which embodies its spirit and what it represents: creating a new community of people bound by the same passion for a fresh and dynamic design and for the irreverent news.
With the #connubity campaign, Connubia encourages young entrepreneurs and young designers to join this project and be more #creative, #enterprising and #daring and share their ideas with the virtual community.

Connubia: a story of passions and ties

A concept that can be deduced by the name, Connubia, which talks about encounters and passions, ties and affinities. A logo that, in its simplicity, brings us back to the conviviality concept: three chairs around a table, the most immediate and concise representation of the encounter, of togetherness.
And it is by sitting one next to the other around a table that friendships and new acquaintances are born, sharing emotions. Connubia does the same by placing them at the center of its inspiration, for a contemporary and smart project, suitable to meet the needs of the most curious young people and of the less young ones who never lose the joy of feeling contemporary. ... More ... less

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