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Cosentino is the world's leading producer of Silestone quartz surfaces. It is a family-owned business financed entirely with Spanish capital. It focuses on the design, production and distribution of architectural and decorative solutions made from natural stone. It creates and defines leading products that are designed to provide innovative and functional solutions for the home and public spaces under the criteria of careful design, innovation and environmental respect.

The group based its development on international expansion and an innovative research programme, which enables it to use the most advanced technology to obtain new materials. Cosentino's activity covers the entire natural stone manufacturing process, from extraction and processing to the installation of quartz surfaces, such as kitchen and bathroom worktops, cladding and other products.

Currently, the Spanish company has a large international presence, based on its establishment with commercial fixed assets in a dozen countries. It is the world's leading producer of quartz surfaces, distributing to over fifty countries. Nearly 70% of the Group's sales are generated in international markets. ... More ... less

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