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Cotto d’Este is an Italian company that since the ‘90s has been producing covering and floors for the indoor and the outdoor of the highest value. These are porcelain stoneware surfaces produced with advanced technologies and with maximum care for the environment, the final users and the people involved in the production cycle. The company mission is to be a safe and trustworthy partner for architects and project developers to give them free rein to create and propose lively and colorful or sober and refined spaces to their commissioners, with limitless imagination. As a matter of fact, Cotto d’Este stands out for its capability to offer non-standardized products as it is often the case. On the contrary floors and covering by Cotto d’Este are cared to the smallest detail, custom-made, maniacally finished and able to transfer an outstanding sense of aesthetics to meet the demands of a clientele that seeks something more than just a basic product.

Cotto d’Este, custom-made floors and covering

Colors, finishes and materials make the customization of Floors and covering by Cotto d’Este possible. All for a highly thick porcelain stoneware - also available in the 20 mm version – to be combined with the ultra-thin slabs in Kerlite, an exclusive material able to provide an astonishing visual impact. The final result is not only an aesthetically valuable one, but also one of high performance, since floors by Cotto d’Este feature excellent physical and technical properties, able to grant high durability over time. Among all covering by this brand, some are utterly groundbreaking like Wonderwall, a collection of ultra-thin laminated porcelain tiles in Kerlite that also contain fiberglass. This is an exclusive covering, thin, mimicking a wallpaper but with a better material performance that also withstands moisture, making of it a great product also for external spaces such as the garden or patio. Bluestone Evolution – Rockstone is an amazingly beautiful floor, suitable for residential purposes and public spaces such as bars and restaurants alike. Its pattern stems from the Pierre Bleu, a stone typically found in Belgium with its characteristic crinoids and veins. This product embodies the usual lightness by Cotto d’Este next to a great resistance thanks to the fiberglass that is added to and strengthens the Kerlite. Its 20 mm thickness makes this product also very sturdy and durable.
The Vanity line was specifically conceived by Cotto d’Este for wall covering, in the Bianco Statuario color. This ceramic surface perfectly simulates marble bringing a touch of elegance into any environment. Naturally antimicrobial, this covering recalls the classical culture and is ideal for prestigious and authoritative ambiances.

Cotto d’Este, porcelain stoneware since 1993

Cotto d’Este was established in 1993 in Sassuolo, at the initiative of Paolo Mussini, the company founder and CEO. As a person born and raised in the productive district of this area, Mussini had no hesitance in finding out his vocation. Also thanks to the support of his father Giulio, who founded Panaria Industrie Ceramiche in 1974, Paolo started off his entrepreneurial adventure already with a rich knowledge that led him to enter the international market of covering and porcelain stoneware floors. Mussini’s vision stems from the concept that his products have to be beautiful, of a high quality and never standard. He has a true vocation that is to offer customers floors and covering that enhance the space, play a protagonist role and define the personality of the people living in the house. This is made possible by a choice of excellent raw materials, worked with the newest technologies to find novel chromatic effects.
As of today and as a member of the Panaria group, Cotto d’Este is a reference for architects and designers who, from everywhere in world, seek a product of the Made in Italy excellence for their customers. An example of this is Lithos Desert, a stone-effect floor covering that carries all the features that ensure health and cleanness thanks to a special treatment that makes it antibacterial.

Floors by Cotto d’Este: sustainable innovation

One of the main features of the floors by Cotto d’Este is the care they are made with. Attention and respect towards the environment, but also care for the workplace where all employees operate. What are the steps leading to such a result? Undoubtedly the efforts put in innovation, power efficiency and emission reduction. Such a journey is made of several stops that also include a reduction in the use of the raw materials (and consequent waste reduction), an efficient wastes management and attention towards wastes recycling. Furthermore, it is of utmost importance to have a strong collaboration among the human resources and a trust-based relation for it to last long, be of help and forge a safe and constructive work environment. Eventually, the care for details showed at the production stage also reverberates on other aspects such as the eco-compatible packaging, or the choice of local suppliers. On top of all that, it should not be forgot that all products by Cotto d’Este are antibacterial and able to offer total comfort to those who choose them. ... More ... less

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