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Sassuolo / Italy

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Cotto D’Este was born in 1993 from a business idea of Paolo Mussini, the company’s founder and current CEO, who decided to create a new brand in a new and unexplored segment of the ceramics sector: top-quality floor and wall tiles for the top-end and luxury markets. The idea was to create a company that was able to offer dream floor and wall tiles whose great attention to detail, finishes and technical and aesthetic quality would satisfy the taste and needs of more demanding consumers. The Cotto D’Este philosophy has always been to combine perfectly aesthetics with top quality as well as an innate vocation for beauty and it has always characterised the story of the company that over the years has developed a continuously evolving path, gaining the position of leader in the sector of top range floor and wall tiles. One of the main success factors continues to be intense Research and Development aimed at identifying constantly new production methods and innovative product lines that are able to meet the needs of customers who are increasingly demanding and sophisticated. Cotto D’Este produces a top-quality type of floor and wall tile made of body coloured porcelain stoneware and glazed that combines the aesthetic appeal of handmade products and of the finest stone to be found in nature anywhere in the world with the reliability and quality of modern products obtained through the use of the most advanced production technologies, which are always deployed in an environmentally responsible manner. The unique finishes such as “lapping” and “veneer-glazing”, as well as the vast range of sizes that are available up to the large 90x90cm and 60x120cm sizes in the more modern products, are the guarantee of an original manufacturing technique that enables unique products to be obtained that are suitable both for renovating old buildings and for new residential, commercial and public buildings. ... More ... less




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