Buchin / Romania

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Massiv Forest Products is a European leading manufacturer of solid wood products (furniture, home décor & furnishings, and interior wall solutions) founded in 1995 in Romania. MFP’s youngest creation is a modular wood wall system branded CRAFTWAND®: a wood wall with a bold and modern design but also rooted in traditional craftsmanship, preserving the natural texture of solid woods.

Crafted by NATURE SYSTEMS design studio

An eco-friendly innovation for interior design, CRAFTWAND® - the modular wood wall system offers a flexible solution for spaces of all sizes and combines function with natural appeal. An accent wall, partition or divider, extension or ending, view barrier or privacy screen, or complementary furniture, CRAFTWAND® is natural (made of European beech wood – Fagus Sylvatica), decorative, non-structural, it stands independently (un-attached to dry walls) and it can be used for all interiors (living, kitchen, office etc.), and environments (residential, hospitality, corporate, and commercial). The modular in-built system makes it easy to build or take down and re-build in another position or location, without any mess or waste as no glues are used. The system also integrates invisibly PC wiring, A/V cabling, lights, having great potential for e.g. office environments. Designed with sustainability in mind, it respects the individuals’ need for healthy environments, in both living and working set-ups.

Independent Easy Installation

Designed with an intelligent modular solution that makes it easy to install completely independent, by connecting the individual modules with the dowel pins and screws provided as accessories (with no glue). Holes are pre-drilled and mounting is fast & easy. A layout is provided and one simply needs to follow the modular sequence detailed in the plan. Totally flexible with regard to sizes and shapes, configurations are customized based on space needs or project. Divide or personalize any space with endless creative possibilities.

No glue being used, it can be disassembled at a later date, re-configured and built again in another position or place or shape. In the event of house renovation or property move or office re-arrangement, the entire CRAFTWAND® structure can be taken down and re-installed when renovation work completed or in the new home. Move it in, out and about.

Nature and Geometry in Harmony

The raw patchy nature of European beech wood with its color accents, knots, splits, and mineral deposits is shaped into clean geometric forms, cubes and rectangular prisms that form the system. The unusual mix between wood material roughness and CRAFTWAND®’s pure lines is both a tribute to nature, unique and authentic, and to modern design ideas. Nature gets shape.

The Sustainability Concept

CRAFTWAND® by design uses minimal and renewable resources, sound and handmade production techniques and it is truly built to last, all representing key sustainability priorities. The genuine nature of wood with its varied color spectrum and grain structure, cracks or inter-grown knots is integrated in the design ensuring that almost nothing goes to waste, in acknowledgement of the value of the forest resource. The wood raw material is a renewable resource par excellence, especially as it is procured exclusively from mature and sustainably managed forestry operations.

The manufacturing processes are “old-school” based on non-industrial traditions of wood crafting. The finishes used are all-natural, plant based oils. CRAFTWAND® will produce no waste when being built or dismantled and re-built, as it is intended to nurture the environment by having no programmed life-cycle. CRAFTWAND® is a testimony that sustainable living is possible and often far more comfortable. Because we care.

A New and Innovative Habitat or Working Place Experience

CRAFTWAND®’s numerous applications and possibility to relocate and rearrange, with minimum labor or disruption and no waste, enable a dynamic lifestyle, offering total freedom for personalized design and layout. The endless wood details, visual marks of the history and aging of a tree in the forest, bring in a home or office a natural feel, wild beauty and authenticity, along with a sense of wellbeing and tranquility. With CRAFTWAND® nature becomes a functional habitat element. ... More ... less




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