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Since 1949, CRISTINA Rubinetterie has been a leading Made-in-Italy tapware brand. Its products for the bathroom, kitchen, and wellness and outdoor spaces are functional, durable - aesthetically in keeping with contemporary interior design trends. In addition to a broad and diverse range of catalogue products, the company develops customised solutions (in terms of size, finish and use) to meet the most varied requirements. As early as the end of the 1990s, the company opened up to the creative input of Italian and international designers, establishing fruitful collaborations that gave light to various designer tap collections. In June 2017, the company became part of the Caleffi Group, a leading heating, air conditioning and plumbing components manufacturer, while pursuing the brand’s continuity and its international growth.
More recently, CRISTINA Rubinetterie has undergone a rebranding process that involved the entire company structure: a new logo, a new graphic and photographic image together with renewed trade fair design, contributing to redefining the company's future direction geared to design, the relationship with the project and the hotel sector. Continuous investment of capital and human resources in research and development is another strong point for CRISTINA Rubinetterie, whose R&D department, the CRISTINA Design Lab, is made up of engineers and graphic designers.

Cristina Rubinetterie: showrooms, collections, collaborations and awards

In keeping with its desire to collaborate with the design world, in April 2007, CRISTINA Rubinetterie opened a showroom in the heart of Brera in Milan, the quintessential Design District. Its goal is to dialogue with designers and architects, who find a place to view and touch the brand's collections directly. The space is also used for work and design meetings and events to reinforce the company's image. In 2021, CRISTINA launched the new FOIL series, designed by Marco Pisati, which in just a few months time won the Archiproducts Design Award with a special sustainability mention. The company's first exhibition space was inaugurated abroad in 2021 - a showroom in the heart of Prague targeting consumers and designers showcasing a wide range of CRISTINA and SILFRA products in 50 square metres with great natural illumination. In 2022, the Salone del Mobile event returned with Salone del Bagno. The design of the exhibition space - based on the same concept as the showroom in via Pontaccio (CRISTINA Brera) - was entrusted to Elisa Ossino Studio. In 2022, the brand presented two new products in the Fractal line designed by Soo K. Chan, and the XT486 shower column designed by Naomi Hasuike. East Side and Tabula, two series by angelettiruzza design, won several awards, including the IF Design Award from the iF International Forum Design GmbH, the world's oldest independent design body; and the German Design Award with a special mention for 'Excellent Product Design'.

The history of the CRISTINA Rubinetterie brand

It was 1949 when Ezio Cristina founded the company in Gozzano, an area that soon became the tapware district where craft, industrialisation, research and design met. The company's development followed in the wake of the tradition established by Ezio until his sons, Alberto and Riccardo, took over the helm, guiding the company towards a decisive industrial transformation. At the end of the 1980s, CRISTINA acquired Silfra, a company specialising in the production of drainage columns and electronic and timed taps and fittings. With this operation, CRISTINA Rubinetterie moved fully into the industrial dimension.
Over the years, the company has evolved to cover every aspect of production. It was among the first in Europe (1968) to introduce the thermostatic mixer with a temperature-sensitive bulb for gradual regulation, allowing a constant temperature. The company also offered a range of 100 colours, thanks to the new painting division (later electroplating), thus contributing to the latest trend of the coloured mixer. In the 1980s, the company was among the first to introduce the single-lever mixer to adjust water temperature. Another significant step came in 1994, with the decision to produce single-lever mixer cartridges in-house. The considerable investment in technology led to greater safety in the production process and product quality control. In 2003, the company introduced stainless steel dedicating an entire division to the material - guaranteed by the quality label issued by Centro Inox. In 2007, the Gozzano logistics pole grew into a 2000-square-metre structure with a fully automated warehouse. Today, the company has five factories located in the upper Novara area, comprising 35,000 square metres and 250 employees. The company earns over 60% of its income from foreign markets. It is present in over 60 countries, especially in Europe (France, Switzerland, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland and Austria), with a strong focus on North Africa, the Far East, Oceania and America.

Sustainable production and Made in Italy

CRISTINA Rubinetterie stands out for its Made-in-Italy production, keeping the entire production cycle in-house. This strategy guarantees the highest quality, which is greatly appreciated by national and international markets. The use of stainless steel for one of its collections immediately proved to be an ideal solution for bathroom and kitchen products due to the material's aesthetics and intrinsic properties. The hygienic material is easy to clean and eco-friendly, with more than 80% obtained by recycling, thus reducing environmental impacts. Attention to environmental sustainability is a characteristic of all the brand's products that are equipped with water-saving technologies and made with materials meeting international standards. The company is a Green Building Council Italia member, which uses the LEED rating system (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) to assess building sustainability. Sustainability is indeed the company's driving force, manifested by the claim "From Yellow to...Green!" intended to convey CRISTINA Rubinetterie's commitment to becoming an increasingly green company. ... More ... less

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