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DANTE is a germany company, founded in 2011 by artist Aylin Langreuter and industrial designer Christophe de la Fontaine, who share a profound love of the material world - for all it's pathos and beauty. They are aware that DANTE is a fragile, dangerous and highly ambitious endeavour. Nevertheless they are determinded to try. DANTE creates objects, products, editions with qualities above and beyond the substantial; associative qualities: emotions, habits, memories, tastes, aversions, the good, the bad, never the ugly. Therefore, to each collection DANTE invites a so-called guest to inspire, mentor and/or influence it. Each collection’s products, design and presentation then emerge from some form of dialog with that individual, institution or concept. His or her or its emotions, habits, memories. Products and their design have always been intertwining with the society that uses them. The search for maximal usability lead to economic efficiency and technical innovation. Today, DANTE senses a desire for more: Warmth. Content. So DANTEs filter is: to feel a vital, connecting spark. Make things that are not merely things, but favorites. Talismans. Everyday products that are not a priori practical, useful, efficient but rather: emotional. So they can have unlikely material attributes like humor, vanity, passion, comfort. ... More ... less