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A different view and an ever growing desire of renewal are the generating values of the company founded in 1956 by Fernando and Maddalena De Padova, characterized by a strong focus on the modern, an instinctive taste for beauty and a care for projects that can stand on their own. The great leaders masters/visionnaires all brought together in a single catalogue: Achille Castiglioni, Pierluigi Cerri, Michele De Lucchi, Charles and Ray Eames, Vico Magistretti, Ingo Maurer, George Nelson, Dieter Rams… were all responsible for choosing a new and extraordinary direction. They are the inspiring tunes of a big symphony, to which the notes of other talented emerging designers followed and enriched the catalogue in the 2000s. This path has been created by establishing connections across time and space, with precise cultural references, from folk to classic, from technological accuracy to the versatility of contemporary environments. An imprint that has confirmed over time the special and unique DePadova language, rich in elegant style intuitions. The merger with Boffi in 2015has emphasized this attitude, starting from the launch of the current showroom, which is a new beginning. Under the art direction of Piero Lissoni, The iconic historical collection, has been renewed and enriched with innovative items, designed by Lissoni himself, together withdesigners as Nendo, Maarten van Severen and many more brilliant minds. The charming loft of Via Santa Cecilia, DePadova’s new address, becomes a place where everyone can imagine and design their own home or work environment. Offering materials from selected partners and suggesting living solutions indicated by professionals, the single furnishings are organic and encompass an ever-changing backdrop to daily life. The De Padova location, where one can always practice "sober simplicity", has now been replicated over and over thanks to the widespread distribution of Boffi flagship stores. One can now travel back to the starting point importing the international novelties to Milan and Italy. From here one can set off again and go far away, whilst still maintaining the aim of feeding curiosity, passion and splendour. ... More ... less



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