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Decoral® Group is a world-wide benchmark in the field of metal processing, treatment and finishing.

Innovative, patented processes, top-rated raw materials, International quality certifications, as well as a policy of deep care on environmental sustainability, ensure an excellent final result in coating and decoration.

The experience, gained in 40 years of activity, can lead today to an effective and flexible response to the expressive requests from Architects, Designers, interior Decorators and/or final Contractors.

The surface coating of materials is our skill, our passion and our experience.


• Architecture: profiles for facades, profiles for window frames, false ceilings, claddings, balconies and sunshades.

• Interior design: furniture and shelves, inner lining, outdoor design, contract furniture, lighting technique.

• Transport: maritime transport, air transport, railways, automotive.

• Public services: urban decor, street furniture, playgrounds, sport equipment.

• Private Contractors: large-scale retail channels, building Contractors, factories, HORECA, store network.


The aim of Decoral® Group is, to contribute to the construction of buildings, components and artifacts, with minimum impact on the environment, meanwhile ensuring high standard, as required by the main protocols of internationally certified sustainability.

Low emissions, recycling and zero impact are key factors in the processes of Decoral® Group. The use of wood finish aluminium in the industry, architecture and interior design, reduces the consumption of wood and helps to preserve the forest resources.

In accordance to a Green Vision, Decoral® Group self-produces, from renewable sources, the energy necessary for its production processes, by means of solar panel plants, which are placed on the roof of its production sites.

VOC-free Certification


Decoral® Group has been awarded with the main International certifications of this field, in order to ensure high quality and service standards for the whole range of products.

Having passed rigorous laboratory trials and tests gives a concrete demonstration of the excellence, in terms of quality, gained over the years.

The in-house production of the raw materials and a rigorous quality check, with a state-of-the-art laboratory, offers the best quality in all production phases.

According to the highest standard for International certifications, rigorous laboratory tests are run such as: Florida natural exposure test, accelerated weathering test, mechanical resistance test, microscope test and acetic acid salt spray test.

Finally, Decoral® Group has organized a system of self-certification QUALITYDECORAL® in order to ensure the product processed a very high resistance to weathering.

Quality Decoral Silver

It certifies suitability for outdoor use in harsh weather conditions. The approval, according to the International specifications, is subject to passing the following tests:

• Accelerated weathering at Decoral® Lab (1000 hours)

• Natural exposure in Florida (1 year)

Quality Decoral Gold

It certifies suitability for outdoor use in extremely harsh weather conditions. The approval, according to the International specifications, is subject to passing the following tests:

• Accelerated weathering at Decoral® Lab (2500 hours)

• Natural exposure in Florida (3 years)


Decoral® Group, with its different types of powder coating plants, can process powder coating to fulfill the requirements of the Customer.

The products made of aluminium, iron and steel are treated with an industrial process certified and acknowledged at International level, which gives aesthetic pleasantness, durability and a long-lasting protection coating.

This type of process is usually applied on profiles for facades and windows, external and internal cladding in architecture, sunshades and railings.

The pluriannual experience in processing and surface coating of aluminium, gained through the years with important contractors of International level, ensures powder coating with quality standards certified and guaranteed in the long term.

Production capacity and dimensions

Vertical bars: 7500 mm Chrome-free

Frames and shaped panels: 8000 (L) x 1800 (W) x 600 mm


What is Decoral® process?

Decoral® process is a patented, industrial process for decorating aluminium, metals and other materials which show no deformation at 200°C. It is a technology based upon the phisical process called ‘sublima-tion’. Special inks are transferred, under the combined action of heat and pressure, from a printed film to the layer of Powder which covers the piece.

Viv Decoral spa was the first Company which patented, and then applied on metals at industrial level, the sublimation technology.

Decoral® process can produce a wide range of finishes for architecture, street furniture, interior design, furniture and relevant design completion items.

The finishes vary from wood effect to materic effect, from special effects to fancy effects and images customized according to the specific requirement of the Contractor, for both outdoor and indoor use.


Decoral® Group can process surface treatment on aluminium profiles and small hardware. This type of aesthetic and functional finishes are required for improving and protecting accessories and profiles, made of aluminium and its alloys, from corrosion.

A highly qualified laboratory, dedicated to phisical-chemical analysis, ensures the proper thickness, the quality of fixing and the definition of the other parameters for a correct anodizing process.

Decoral® Group is also equipped with a polishing unit, which gives a bright look, combined with the mechanical process, ending with very pleasant effects, for all the small hardware fields where extruded aluminium profiles are used.

Anodized finishes

Anodized finishes have many fields of application: from interior design to bathroom furniture, from lighting technique to automotive, from maritime to railways, from building to medical.


Service unit for metal sheets finishing and sale.

Decoral® Group offers customized service for processing, coating, selling aluminium sheets, with a wide range of dimensions and thickness.

Products certified according to very high quality standard are used for processes such as flattening, cutting, film coating, on both standard and customized size.

Beside the metal sheets, the range is completed by its own ventilated facade, which includes a dedicated understructure.

Finishes available

The experience, gained during all the past years, ensure an offer to the market for matt, semi-glossy, glossy and textured finishes, suitable for bending and for the typical processes on the metal sheets.


Full colour coating service (RAL, veined, pearly and metallized) on all profiles.

Our coating system can customize any PVC item.

Our exclusive system for liquid coating, with no adhesive film, can get the finest finish, elegant and resistant on the whole perimeter of the profile, or wherever required.

Creativity with no limits, all colours on PVC.

Production capacity and dimensions

Vertical bars: up to 6500 mm

Frames and shaped panels: 1800 mm x 6500 mm

Moreover, when supplied with bars already film coated, we can decorate wood effect the other sides.


Wood effect decoration service on profiles and flat laminated sheets for doors, windows, shutter boxes, shutters and all visible surfaces.

We reproduce several wood finishes such as walnut, cherry and oak directly on the surface of PVC, without adhesive film.

Production capacity and dimensions

Vertical bars: fino a 6500 mm

Frames and shaped panels: 1250 mm x 5000 mm

Moreover, when supplied with bars already film coated, we can coat RAL the other sides.


Decoral® Group offers excellence in treatment and surface finishing with state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring quality, reliability and durability.

In order to meet the requirements of the Customers, Decoral® Group also offers dedicated services as follows:

• Professional advice, dedicated to designers, building contractors and public entities, for identifying the most suitable finishes for the job to perform ;

• Certificate issuing for product and for process;

• Assistance for project specifications and execution plans;

• Dedicated laboratory tests;

• Production of samples and mock-up.

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