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Deltalight is a Belgian company that has been involved in outdoor lighting and indoor lighting since its foundation in 1989. From a reality immediately very present in its territory, in just ten years the company has become an international reference point in the field of lighting technology, especially with regard to LED technology, for which it has created many collections chosen by architects and designers from all over the world. It is therefore no coincidence that, over the past few years, Deltalight has received some of the most prestigious awards in the industry, such as the Red Dot Award, iF Design Award and Good Design Award. Known and distributed in no less than 120 countries, this company stands out for the elegance and functionality of its design, capable of making light points the real protagonists of the space, both indoors and outdoors, by the pool or along the driveways. Deltalight is a family business that is constantly growing thanks to a strong Research and Development department and the possibility of being able to count on as many as 250 employees.

Design and production of Deltalight lamps

It's not just its production capacity that makes Deltalight the great company it is today. To this must be added other important aspects, such as research and innovation, attention to the evolution of design, design and prototyping, quality control and production, up to packaging and storage. In addition, Deltalight is distinguished by its great attention to the customer, at the disposal of which there are always technicians and specialists ready to solve any situation.
The company has always aimed at training its employees, who attend seminars by renowned international lighting experts, who are prepared to explain installation methods, dominant trends in the field and product development. Many architects and designers collaborate permanently with Deltalight or find in the solutions proposed by the company the best solution for their clients, both private and professional in the field of hospitality or landscape design. Another distinguishing feature of this company is the possibility to customize the product, which is never standard, but always calibrated to the real needs of the customer. Customization begins with the design, for which Deltalight uses its own package and unique business tools. Finally, the time of assembly and installation of the lighting works is never overlooked, always conducted in a workmanlike manner. And professionals from the various sectors remain at the customer's disposal to satisfy all his demands, from the correct use of the product to performance, from energy saving to design.

Deltalight: indoor and outdoor lighting

Today, Deltalight has 250 employees and is known worldwide as a company capable of anticipating market trends and offering interesting and original solutions, especially in the field of LED lighting.
The XY180 adjustable ceiling lamp is an elegant and minimalist solution designed by OMA studio. It consists of an LED tube and a spotlight that can be replicated and combined together to create any lighting condition you want.
Polesano is a street lamp for urban or garden furniture, designed to be modular and easy "hiding place" for any video surveillance system with wi-fi and audio connections.
SUPERLOOP VC SBL is a very original ceiling lamp, composed of a thin profile on a round square base that spreads light all around. It can be combined with other models in the same line and can be oriented vertically or horizontally depending on the type of light you want.

The story of Deltalight, from small shop to international brand

Deltalight was born in what we might consider relatively recent times, 1989, from the creativity of Paul Ameloot who, over the years, has been joined by his children to continue the family vocation of the company. Prior to Deltalight, Ameloot owned a lighting supply store and it was the increasingly specific demands of its customers, combined with the incredible developments in the industry at the time, that made the entrepreneur think it was time to dedicate himself to his own collection, to be developed independently. In the first ten years, Deltalight turned to the Belgian market and grew to 7 employees. The first production is that of a wall sconce, which is still part of the company's collections today, the Phantom. But it doesn't take long for design lines, high quality materials and continuous research to attract attention across the border. The company opens offices in many European countries and reaches as far as South America, while Deltalight Asia and Deltalight REEMA (Russia, Middle East, Eastern Europe) are born, which aim to be an important support for architects and designers. ... More ... less

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