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Raalte / Netherlands

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Dennebos Flooring offers you individuality, a floor that can last a lifetime or as long as you choose. In 1991 Dennebos Flooring was set up as a sawmill in Raalte, The Netherlands. Almost immediately we set up the production of our unique flooring following the long tradition of woodworking in the Netherlands. And if your name, like our founder’s name, is Jos Dennebos (which means pine forest) the theme ‘wood’ surely runs in our blood and it is very much in our hearts. Our people work to create unprecedentedly beautiful flooring. Each floorboard mirrors our passion for the unique construction material wood.

Individual & authentic:

Wood flooring comes in shapes and sizes, however wood floors to create individuality are our specialty. Our experience of many years of finishing techniques has resulted in incomparable wood floors. As unique as you, or the environment you are looking to create. No copies, just the original.

Natural & durable:

Dennebos flooring are made of wood, one of the oldest, natural and ultimately renewable of construction materials. A floor can last a lifetime or as long as you choose. Sourcing your wood from managed forests guarantees sustainable forest recourses for the future.

Solid & traditional:

Our flooring are very durable and it is life itself that takes place upon them. Engineered construction with strong wear layers of veneer and a solid plywood base ensures the longest possible life. Maybe even longer than we would even wish for.

Timeless & beautiful:

Dennebos flooring grow even more beautiful in time. Sunlight and wear make a floor even more natural looking and unique.

Hygienic & easy to maintain:

There are few flooring which are easier to maintain than Dennebos Flooring. The special finishing of the wear layer makes our flooring very resistant to external influences. Maintenance is very simple with a significant focus on producing allergy friendly flooring. ... More ... less