Andrea Forti


Belluno / Italy

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Andrea Forti – architect – was born in the Dolomite mountains in 1981. Then he moved to Venice, where he graduated in 2005 in Architecture at IUAV. Immediately undertaking collaborations with various architects and furniture craftsmen as designer and prototypist, the simplicity and rationality that guide Andrea in projects is artistic and crafting influences which drive a strong emotional charge in his work. During the Lagoon residency, he cultivated his passion for various forms of artistic expression, while curating very personal experimentation.

Peacefully eclectic, unfaithful to genres, techniques and styles, he has participated in various symposiums and artistic events with a series of solo and group exhibitions of painting, sculpture and installation. Among the materials mainly used in his work wood emerges, always loved and revered, now carved with traditional techniques, then worked through experimental procedures. ... More ... less

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