Cuno Frommherz


Burgdorf / Switzerland

Born 1963 / Trained as cabinet-maker / working for an interior designer for several years / self-employed furniture designer since 1996.
I live and work in a factory from the 1930’s in Burgdorf. My workshop is shared with a graphic designer.
I develop concepts and design products for the furniture industry in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy. The main products I am working on are tables, chairs and upholstered furniture. Other areas include shelves as well as office and bathroom furniture.
I choose the appropriate tool for every step of the design process. These range from free-hand drawing to computers. 3D CAD has been firmly established as an important utensil in the last few years.
The main instrument, however, is the co-operation between designer, entrepreneur and technician. When developing a product, the maximum can be achieved only through common enthusiasm, broad creative input and the specialised knowledge of everyone involved. ... More ... less
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