Edward Van Vliet


Amsterdam / Netherlands

Dutch designer Edward van Vliet specializes in creating interior products for (inter)national companies for special projects such as lighting, carpets, furniture and interior accessories for business and consumer markets. Edward van Wet also develops premium hospitality concepts for the (inter)national hotel market. Edward van Vliet combines his vision, creativity and multi-disciplined expertises into fully integrated concepts, focusing on intensifying company. interior or product identity. Within the concepts created, he focuses on uniting purposed made furniture, lighting and graphics. together becoming a beautiful world within worlds. Fundamentally inspired by our planets aesthetics Edward van Vliet generates powerful designs by using various contrasting materials and elements originating from mostly Middle Eastern and Asian cultures. Combining traditional design and natural materials with innovating techniques cause his designs to always radiate an eclectic, global sense. Natural fabrics, bright colours and surprising patterns are implemented in his designs in unusual and surprising combinations. resisting temptation of decorative overkill or statements effortlessly ... More ... less

Products designed by Edward Van Vliet

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