Emanuele Pangrazi


Terni / Italy

Italian awarded designer and creative director who works for companies globally, Emanuele Pangrazi would be better defined as a designer in constant evolution, a bit of a philosopher and a bit irreverent. He graduated in industrial design with a master's degree in digital art, he lives and works between Italy and the United Kingdom, taking creative inspiration from very different places. Thanks to the studies and the experiences gained over the years, he has become very successful in designing hi-tech, furnishings and ceramics products.

The passion for his work is manifested in careful and continuous research, in the observation of reality and memory. This contributes to the birth of objects with a material and deeply conceptual awareness. Following this vision, in 2008 founds Mater, a studio in which observations, memories, values, circulate freely in a flow of ideas and solutions. ... More ... less

Products designed by Emanuele Pangrazi

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