Enrico Tonucci


PESARO / Italy

Graduated at the art college in Porta Romana in Florence. Works as designer and artistic advisor since 1970 for Italian and foreign enterprises and collaborates with international architects and well known Companies. In 1976 he establishes Triangolo S.r.l., a design experimental laboratory where he designs and produces high quality northern furniture and complements with a Mediterranean atmosphere that will become in the years a real enterprise. In 1992 he bought-out Arte&Cuoio where he became the art director; both companies will gain great success in Europe and in the world. In 2003 he started as Art Director for Curvet Environments SpA. Group important point of reference of the "made in Italy "in Pesaro, with important brands such as Simon, Triangolo, Arte&cuoio, R.S.V.P., Sica, Zeritalia. In 2005, he leaves Curvet Ambienti in order to devote himself to research and design. In 2006 he gave birth to Manifestodesign, as a studio brand, with a collection of unique products, all made in Italy and with first-quality natural materials. In his career he has had a variety of prestigious prizes, recognitions and Istitutional assignments. Lives and works in Pesaro. ... More ... less

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