Fabio Novembre


Milano / Italy

Fabio Novembre was born in Lecce in 1966. After graduating in architecture from the Polytechnic of Milan in 1992, he attended a course in film direction at New York University in 1993.
In 1994, after having just opened his studio, he was immediately commissioned his first interior architecture work: the Anna Molinari Blumarine shop in London.
From 2000 to 2003 he was the art director of Bisazza. Since 2001 he has collaborated with Cappellini, Driade, Meritalia, Flaminia, Casamania.
Between 2008 and 2010 he collaborates with the municipality of Milan. First with a monographic exhibition at the exhibition space of the Rotonda in via Besana, entitled "Teach me also the freedom of the swallows". Later as curator in the Triennale Design Museum of an exhibition entitled: "The November flower". And finally, he takes care of the set-up for the municipality of Milan within the Italian Pavilion of the Shanghai Expo.
In 2014, thanks to the partnership with Milan, he created the company's new headquarters, Casa Milan, and the new club logo.
To date he has worked with the most important Italian design companies and his work has been recognized and published all over the world for his visionary approach.

"Since 1966, I’ve responded to those who call me Fabio Novembre.
Since 1992, I’ve responded to those who also call me “architect”.
I cut out spaces in the vacuum by blowing air bubbles, and I make gifts of sharpened pins so as to insure I never put on airs.
My lungs are imbued with the scent of places that I’ve breathed, and when I hyperventilate it’s only so I can remain in apnea for awhile.
As though I were pollen, I let myself go with the wind, convinced I’m able to seduce everything that surrounds me.
I want to breathe till I choke.
I want to love till I die."
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