Gennaro Avallone


Milano / Italy

For more than 20 years the Italian cognoscenti have been flocking to artist/designer Gennaro Avallone's stunning atelier in central Milan.
Avallone's original creations and his unerring eye have long been appreciated by ltaly‘s fashion and business elite. His exquisite and intriguing paintings appeal to both the senses and the intellect, while his furniture, individually-blown glass and sculptural frames all stand
as works of art in their own right.
His taste owes a great deal to his southern Italian background and he has absorbed much of the south's Roman, Greek and Arabic cultural heritage. This may explain the timelessness of his creations which, whilst looking wonderful in a 21st century minimalist setting in
New York, Rome or Dubai, also work fabulously in an historic villa or country-house.
Gennaro Avallone is currently involved, with the help of his business partner and manager Giordano Ciminaghi, in projects on the private Caribbean island of Mustique and in the Swiss ski-resort of Gstaad, as well as working on designs for an innovative hotel on Pantelleria, off the coast of Sicily. ... More ... less

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