Giuliano Cappelletti


Carimate / Italy

Giuliano Cappelletti was born in Cantù to an artisan family. He attended the State Institute of Art in Cantù and later graduated from the Milan Polytechnic. In his family he has always breathed air of projects, drawings, design and furniture precisely because his father had a custom furniture manufacturing company. He had the good fortune to meet famous architects who fascinated him, and this was decisive in his choice of both his schooling and career path. At the age of 21, he moved to Milan to both gain work experience and study fully experiencing the design explosion with the city. Not yet graduated, he decided to open his own studio and began to have his first relationships with companies in the sector; a fundamental experience that served him to learn about production processes and the use of new materials. The studio currently deals with product design - architecture - interior design. In 2010 he opened a studio in Shanghai with some Partners that deals with architecture and contracting. ... More ... less

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