Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà


Brescia / Italy

An industrial designer, focused on and sensitive towards the entire range of significant design and artistic currents of the past century, he designs products that are technical and artistic at the same time. He takes both the “Form Follows Function” and the “Function Follows Form” approach, according to the tackled theme, and boasts a significant technical background. For 12 years, in fact, he was a Senior Project Tech Designer of die-casting and plastic moulds and designed equipment and moulds for Kawasaki, Ducati, Mercedes, Bonfiglioli, Sylber, Metalwork, Gaggia, Fini, Prisma, Tronconi, Artemide. For the following 14 years, alongside his Research and Development activity in the home design industry with Mepra S.p.A., he started his collaboration as a designer of high-tech stainless steel and plastic household items with Pandora Design, United-Pets, Bialea Industrie, Rak Porcelain.
For Artemide, he designed “Pirce” in 2008 (Good-design 2008, Red Dot Award 2009, IF Design Award 2010) and "Alcatraz” in 2011.

He collaborated with some of the world’s main technical lighting groups as a technical/development consultant. His creative mindset can be summarized in the following few lines: “A lighting appliance has a soul, suggests a story, is often a poem with no written verses, made of a combination of light and dark colours. Light is an enrapturing luminous sound, is beautifully alive, dynamic, as well as intimate and kind. Respecting its nature by taking over its languages, trying to offer multiple keys for interpretation, wherever I can, in the projects I address, is my way to approach its magical essence.” ... More ... less

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